MNL's Christmas Tour(ture)

Hello, my loves! Christmas is just around the corner. And I'm taking a break from my usual travel report. For those who h...

Hello, my loves!

Christmas is just around the corner. And I'm taking a break from my usual travel report. For those who have been waiting for it, forgive me for not completing it yet. And I promise, I'll still stick to my list and continue to share interesting details of it again soon. Since it's the season of good tidings and cheers, I'm gonna share something about this season first.

This last three weeks has just been toxic. And to top it all, my laptop crashed a few days ago. That only one where I can update with you all, my dear loyal readers. So, here I am with my ipad and my forefinger, busy hitting the keys while having a breaktime from the Christmas rush.

About that, I was caught up on it literally a few weekends ago. Oh, bravest of all hearts. I think I just know where to find that pool. Take a guess. C'mmon. In 1,2,3 let's see if you've guessed it right. Well, it's in this busy gift giving season where you can find the lot, if you yourself is brave enough. My list below is for you to find out if you can do it or not. Coz Manila can really be torturous at 'tis season. Eeek! Here it goes:

1.  Divisoria. If you want bargain, go to this place. There you'll find all sorts of items in cheaper prices. But it comes with a prize to pay, too. Traffic, super heavy traffic.

I was behind the wheels here and my companion got out of the car to aide me in easing the traffic. The road is nowhere. And so was my appetite in bargain hunting. If you're not too careful, you're wallet might disappear in here, too.

2. Shopping malls. If you want nicer and more air-conditioned buildings, go to the nearest shopping malls. That's because feeling festive means taking away some grands on you, too. Lol! But it may take awhile before you can truly enter the building. Coz the rest of humanity are thinking the same thing as you are. The usual 10-20 minutes of your travel time to malls may take 1 to 2 hours and depending if you'll be lucky enough to get a parking space.

While it may sound hopeless to have your shopping without drama and action, there's still other options. Give those online shops a try. Check first those legit sellers to avoid scam and undelivered goods. Or if you really can't beat the rush, you might want to try this one I got from the web - the gold wrapping paper. Let's see if it will work. *wink *wink

3. Amusement Parks. While you cannot blame anyone for chasing that jolly feeling on kiddie entertainments or extreme adult rides, that funfair can be geographically unfair at this time of the year, too. Aside from car traffic going to these places, the lines to amuse is ever lasting.

For maximum waiting time on the line, just wait on the 23rd of December until year end. Sometimes the craze is extended to New year's day and weekend closest to it depending on how fast the Christmas bonus disappears or the ampao can afford.

Oh well, it's the time of the year anyway. I'm pretty sure you've done any or all of the above before. And still planning to do it again, right? That's the spirit. Fight on, brave souls. Ganyan talaga, mahirap minsan ang buhay. (Life can be hard sometimes).  No pain, no gain. *wink

Happy Holidays!

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