Nami Island (part 4): If Only We Have Something Like It and Autumn

...continuation from part 3: A Taste of Korean Night at Jung-gu, Seoul Hello! Welcome back to my Korean travelogue. We continued our t...

Hello! Welcome back to my Korean travelogue. We continued our tour at early in the morning of Day 2. Our itinerary is the island that I called nature park at its finest. When I browsed at our pictures again, I'm so inspired that I sound like smitten kitten in this sweater weather of ours. Here's my musings and K-drama worthy poses at Nami Island. Happy viewing!

If only there is something like Nami Island in the Philippines. 

Then there would be lots of metasequoia paths, or gingko trees lined on the road and beautiful tall grasses and wild flowers to walk through while feeling the highs of love for love-struck couple. 

There would be a serene place to feel some peace of mind for someone burnt on the daily stresses of this time. 

If only there is autumn in the Philippines, it would be justified to have layers upon layers of clothing. And I, myself, would resurrect from guilt of keeping so much garments on my closet. If only we have cool weather, other than the times when we have storms, then boots, fur coats, and scarves would be my daily uniform. If only...

It may sound shallow from this wishing gal but there is something about Nami Island that struck a light bulb moment on me. A few minutes of ferry ride on Bukhan river in Chuncheon, South Korea leads me, my hubby and my friends to this famous island on our second day at Korea.

It's just a park but of garden atmosphere, of beautiful landscape, and changing colors of leaves of trees during autumn.

A cultural and artistic venue worldwide and a famous background from the scenes of popular Korean TV drama - Winter Sonata.

If only we have both, everybody would earn the bragging rights of the highs on what travel could bring from some place refreshing. And cancel out the lows of congested and gridlock of traffic roads of my beloved Manila. Because there will be other destinations aside from air conditioned shopping malls. Haha! The realities of my time in the light of autumn and Nami Island. And that's our version of K-drama and My Ex and Why's!


I hope you like it!
P.S. I'm glad we were here on a perfect weather and season. Strolling was pleasant enough to take in and be amazed at how beautiful God's creation is. And I enjoyed the food. Grilled chicken is yum!

And, it's just 17 days to go before Christmas, and 23 days left before the New Year. Oh 2014, you fly by so fast!

Special credits to lovely photos taken by Yami, Mac, Jun, Azi

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