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Time to turn the pages of our new book. It's entitled 2015. We have just started our new year. With all the messages of renewal, of n...

Time to turn the pages of our new book. It's entitled 2015. We have just started our new year. With all the messages of renewal, of new goal-writings and dream-mappings for this year, I'm gonna kick start mine with this simple look taken at our new home front.

This is my fresh start. A fresh look with white getup and my wide brim black hat that I intend to use all throughout the year for any getaway that we can afford along the way. I hope it will be of much use to return my little investment on it.

While I do a lot of purchases on clothing for myself, my little man and my hubby, I'm a wise buyer. Let me tell you a secret. I purchase and style myself based on what fits my body, and then if it fits on my budget. I put cost limit on particular clothes I like and I choose pieces that are not just for occasional wear but can be worn for several seasons. I go for classic pieces, which I can mix and match and I go for quality brands on discounted prices.

Why I love clothes, anyway? That's simple. I want to look good. It's about being prepared  for me. It's one of my basic steps to clear and focus on something more important. Sort of my starter or good luck charm.

Anyway, the location shoot of this one is a new part of our house - our little porch. It's something fresh to share. We tried to have it done before my son's birthday last October but due to competing priorities, we couldn't afford it yet. So, we delayed and have its course on a very relax and loooong way. Too relax that it's almost stretched to 2 months now and counting. We can only hire workers on weekends when we are at home so we'll cut the cost of an engineer who oversees everything. We did the engineer's part by ourselves. Practical move. Hehe! 

When we bought the house and moved in, about 4 years ago, it's very bare and needed some renovating and extending so we can at least fit our boxes of clothes. Haha! I hugged by myself the big responsibilities of planning, choosing and hiring my partners in doing the renovation and all the other steps after. When I've finally have somebody to renovate the house, I visited the construction site every night after my work and on weekends. Every part of the house is product of my plan with the aide of an engineer to translate it into reality. Extension and interior design is by me. And it took 3 months of construction. Comparing it on the progress of my front yard now, with the two of us present versus before where I'm the only one, I can consider myself lazy. Haha! Of course, those two are not of equal importance so we can delay the latter. But for simple analogy, I compared the two that leads me to my take away thoughts.

That's the beauty of new year. Of renewal and challenging ourselves to improve. That's what fresh start is all about. Having the right habits may not be enough, the tricky part is on constantly practicing it until it becomes inate to you. You may slip away from the right path, but thanks God there are chances for a fresh new start. Such that when we turn back our pages for this year, I hope it is a good one you'll be proud to share.

Let's get started and grab your calendar. This one is my best pick, so far. Because I'm on it - your new calendar girl. Boom!

Matapat model. Napatapat lang po. Lol! Seriously though, I strive to always exhibit this value wherever, whenever, whatever. *wink

P.S. A peek into the interior of our little home is at my Gratitude post. Browse through if you wanna see. ;-)


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  1. nice fresh start for the year 2015.keep on bloggin my lovin.


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