Happy New Year! We officially closed 2014. Looking back at the year that was, this gratitude quote got me into some reflecting mode: ...

Happy New Year! We officially closed 2014. Looking back at the year that was, this gratitude quote got me into some reflecting mode:

"It's not happiness that brings us gratitude, it's gratitude that brings us happiness."

Sometimes it's not natural for me to get into that right attitude. There are moments when all I can see are the thorns on a rose plant, while the rose on it is strikingly red blossoming beautifully. And there are times when I consciously look at happy people, wondering what have gotten them into that moment of merry laughters and joyful mood. There are times when I forgot how to just laugh it off. Tons of excuses are on my mind now to defend those times. But I won't. Because I know that it's just normal to feel negative sometimes. And after those low times, I'm still the type of person whose thankful that thorns have roses, so to speak. (Allophones Karr)

Here are the things that I'm thankful for and that made me happy for the past 365 days.

Family. I am particularly grateful now that my little family is within my reach on its 2nd year. Hubby is still working in the country and that's a major thing we are thankful for. To tell you frankly, it is one hell of a ride for us when we are on a long distance relationship for almost the first decade of our marriage. Being a working mom without husband on her side, I have the majority of our drama. I'm the one-abled driver in the house. I'm wearing so many hats for my little one being the only parent he mostly sees. When there are things need fixing in the house, I'm a repairman and sometimes a plumber, too. I'm two-in-one. Oh wait, more than two - it's multiple. And so, getting my self back to a normal heartbeat of one person, is a happy thing to be thankful for. Lol!

Work. I am thankful for the load I have on my shoulders, no matter how heavy it seems sometimes. But you know what, I won't deny that it did bothers me at some point because of the challenges in doing it. There are things that are really out of my control and it did frustrates me. There are people that seemed to act difficult. There are problems that are hard to solve. My mind and body felt its wearing out. And still, when I wake up in the morning, I still do the work I'm blessed with. Because work is one area where I can manifest my talents, skills, knowledge, capabilities - my worth as an educated person.

Travel & Leisure. On our anniversary, my family had a chance to discover and explore the beauty of Baler, Philippines. The little R&R and beauty of nature are rewarding pleasures I can always be thankful for. On my birthday last October, my hubby, me and my friends were in Korea for about a week. It was our first autumn experience in Korea and we had a blast. We returned home safe and full of happy memories and tons of lovely pictures to post. And an overdue travel posts for me. Lol!

Parties. Something new on my usual list is this. Haha! Why? Because this particular year, I've been lucky. I've received an award as female star of the night. More than the title, its the cash prize that made it to this list. Haha! Definitely a highlight for my 2014. And it's just not me who've been awarded at parties. On my hubby's separate Christmas party at his office, he was also chosen as the star of the night. And with some rewards, too. Hehe! Maybe that's just our prize for being nice that year. And it seems that Santa has more gifts for us. On our village's Christmas party, we won the 2nd and 3rd major raffle prizes. O di ba? Hooray for us, your party animals. Haha! 

Being a Model. This one is just a bonus and of mysterious type. Lol! I'm thankful to have been your new model on some printed materials (that I didn't produce myself. Haha!). Whooaa! Even to myself, it sounds like bragging. Lol! For what it looks like and more, I'll reveal on my next post. I'm serious! Watch out for it! *wink *wink

These are just few of my thoughts on how grateful I am for 2014. For 2015, I hope to become a better version of my 2014 self - focusing and growing more on my emotional, spiritual, mental and physical aspects.

Here we go, 2015! Cheers! Let the good times roll!


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