Petite Me at Petite France (Part 5)

...continuation from part 4: Nami Island, If Only We Have Something Like It and Autumn Pardon me for temporarily losing touch to this ...

Pardon me for temporarily losing touch to this story I've started. I'm still here! HELLO, everyone! So, are we good now? Good. Let me continue my part 5 of autumn in Korea stories.

From our near freezing temperature morning walk at Nami Island and too-excited looks on our second day at South Korea, we rode our rented midi-bus going to Petite France. Petite France is a cluster of Mediterranean looking buildings in colorful paints along the lakeside road from Cheongpyeong Dam. It is about 10km away from Namiseom Island. That distance is a welcome respite for a nap at the bus, recharging a bit from walking slow and cheesy on the beautiful island of Namiseom.

The concept of this theme park is the Little Prince novel of Saint-Exupery, a French novelist. There were 16 French-style buildings on the village. We did more than 16 touristy poses, no less. Like this one - which is all mine - the emo blogger pose. Haha!

What you'll see and experience in here are French structures and culture - le petite!

There are gallery of paintings and exhibit hall of dolls - all sorts of dolls!


An Orgel House where a 200-year-old music box plays a sweet melody they say; a souvenir shop;

French shops that sells herbal and aromatic products; cafeteria, Bistro; outdoor stage; observatory and many more.

The highlight of our tour here is the marionette experience at their Grand theater. The "o-ma, o-mamama, o-pa, o-papapa" song is still clear on my mind. LSS that is. Hindi maka-move on! Lol! If we've ordered something from their cafeteria, I guess that would preceded the marionette experience. Haha!

The place has lived up to its name, as its area is small. It is a nice attraction for family as I presumed it would appeal more to the little girls and boys. For adults, it is a combo if you have Nami Island on your itinerary.  So you'll won't miss photos like those I've had above. Uhmm, I hope my little attempt to do the blogger's pose didn't entice you no less to see this place if it's already on your checklist. So, if you must, my only advice is for you to enjoy! And don't forget to take a lot of pictures! *wink

Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on every post. For day 2 (part 4 &5), here it is:

  • Midi-bus for Tour Day 1:  KRW 350,000 for 10 hours for Nami Island & Petite France (11 pax); Php 1,431.82 per person
  • Entrance fee at Nami Island: KRW 10,000 each; Php 450.00 per person
  • Lunch at Nami Island (delish grilled chicken): KRW 26,000 good for 2; Php 585.00 per person
  • Entrance fee at Petite France: KRW 8,000 each; PhP 360.00 per person


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  1. Hello there, do you mind sharing your contact for the bus? I am looking for transport service to take 5 is us. Thanks much.

    1. Hello Bubble. Try FuntasticKorea Travel Service. You may find something that will fit your needs from their website. :-)


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