Pope Francis: My See The Pope Story

I am contemplating on this post if I'll push it or not coz there were so many stories already told, posted and re-posted from the re...

I am contemplating on this post if I'll push it or not coz there were so many stories already told, posted and re-posted from the recent Pope Francis visit. They were all good. Nakakatuwa! Mostly because they were all telling the same good things to this Pope I also look up to as a good one. In fact, more than good. I'm not just sure of what word to describe him now but for a man well known for his humbleness and modesty, good may be just right. Nakakahanga! Better be said in Tagalog coz that's what he is.

There were other kinds of write-ups, too. Those that I didn't bother to check coz I felt from the title and thumbnails alone that it would be like bashing or too negative for my own sensitivity.

At the heat of His Holiness 5-day visit, I've instagrammed my very own close encounter with him. And that's just it.

Photo from Pope Francis Visits the Philippines (Bloomberg.com) 

But hey! Actually I, too, took part on the craze, the mania, the Pope-stalking and now Pope-fanning. I have felt the happiness that most of everyone who have seen him in person, even for just a glimpse, could attest. I have shouted with glee when his mobile is coming near where we're standing on the the side street near SM MOA. My husband, who also joined and accompanied me, felt the goosebumps. Mine is just sheer joy for reasons I don't know yet. I just felt it. And not for the sake of having something different to write about, I really felt the lightness of feeling and a very happy - really happy feeling. He has that aura. That kind of charisma. Considering my too nearsighted eyes could see Him only when he's just few meters closer to me, making it quicker span of time for me than anyone else. But even so, I still hold that memory of indescribable joy as I watched him pass by in front of us on his pope mobile wearing that megawatt smile and waving tirelessly. For that quick moment, I felt blessed.

Why? Sometimes, this 3-letter word is so hard to answer. Now, in my introspection, I felt it because He is the good news. He is the man who understands and effectively connects in a good way with millions of us. Not just because of the uniform He wears, but because He is sincere. I heard a lot of good things He does, and it just made me aware of His kindness. But when I learned of His intention on visiting Yolanda victims, that made me hyper-aware of how good He really is. I want to be there to be one of the millions to welcome him. I took vacation leaves because my office is not within Manila, hence not non-working days. I was there to show him how thankful we, Filipinos are, for visiting us even in His capacity He can send somebody else. I'd like to see him because I'd like to honor his presence for sharing his busy time with us. And more so because it's my chance to see him for free. I remember I've said something like, "Pumupunta pa nga yong iba sa Rome just to see him. Ngayon sya na mismo ang pumunta sa atin. Com'on, it's our chance to see him!" That was my justification for both of us who were hesitant at first, too.

I know and I didn't fear the logistic horror of having to see him. It was a little sacrifice. I was on the right place at the right moment to have that very thin chance of seeing him because I've waited for hours on the street and defying safety precautions coz where were standing is not a very stable concrete serving as barrier. Although it is the only elevated bar and a vantage point in case a lot of people fill in the grounds. We could easily fall if somebody push or put pressure on our "platform" but it wasn't much of our concern. The only thing that matters is to have a "window" from the thick crowd to see him. And luckily, or more of because we pushed it hard to find a way to surely see him, we saw him with our very own eyes and we felt what everyone else is saying. We were also glued to TV coverages for his other events in the country after our personal encounter. I listened and tried to reflect on nuggets of wisdom he shared. It was a well-spent holidays. It was worth more than any plan I have for any vacation leaves I've got. The feeling is beyond words. Soul enrichment, that is.

And that made me write this. Something about faith seems to be of lesser attention now maybe because we thought it's kind of given for us since we have our religions. But oftentimes, showing our faithful ways are also pushed aside. I'm not to judge nor to preach. I'm just proud that I put a slice of my time to experience something that is enriching me beyond words. And that's how I'd like it to be recorded. Something that I know will enrich me despite risks and other daily concerns, and I did what I need to do. I made it happen. 

That's my story. Thank you for reading. How about you? How do feel about his visit?

Footage from our layman's video coverage. 

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