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Gongoozle, that's the word to describe someone staring idly on the watercourse and doing nothing. Thanks to new weird words I read tod...

Gongoozle, that's the word to describe someone staring idly on the watercourse and doing nothing. Thanks to new weird words I read today at the huffington post (and I hope I can still remember those words when I see the need to use them). I'm new to that word and because I am feeling weird when I re-read the title of this post. Isn't it?

That thought and my camera's memory bank is on the brim made me busy writing this place I'll be always coming home to. For longtime readers who've read my dining experience at Old San Juan, there's some new addition on the resto. (See dining story here.)

When we had our recent Christmas holiday vacation at our old folk's place, we come to know that it now has a hotel on its Poblacion ground. San Juan is an old small town in Batangas that is nearer to Quezon province than it is in Batangas city. Being a periphery to geography, the town had its own pace on expansion and developments. For the last 5 years, its development is more on its beach side - sprouting of new and famous beach resorts like Acuatico, Acua Verde, Estrellas de Mendoza and the likes. Now, having a hotel on the central area is not just one new building but of monumental highlight of the town. Personally, I'm glad that it's one historical and culture-rich architecture at the heart of this town.

In addition to Old San Juan's restaurant and spa, it's catering hotel services with an indoor pool and big function hall for all occasions, too. Room rates start at Php 2900/per night inclusive of breakfast. Their standard room, of 24 sqm area is good for 2 persons. An executive suite of 56sqm, is at Php 6,000 per night.

The hotel has interesting room names like Sampaguita, Ilang-ilang and some other rooms like Silid Kalakasan (gym), Silid Kasaysayan (conference room), beauty parlor and private Karaoke rooms.

Here's a few snapshots at the hotel's rooms and accommodations which they have shared to us as of December 2014.

Here's the executive suite.

The executive room is smaller but with terrace. Room area is 23sqm and at Php 3600.00/per night.

The Deluxe room, located at the third floor is at 24sqm and Php 3,800 per night.

The Grand Pavilion hall is at the top most floor. It can accommodate at least 200 guests. And hanging on its ceiling are capiz chandeliers, no less, and consistent from all the lighting starting at the lobby at the ground to each of the other 4 floors.

The indoor pool is at the ground floor, beside the lobby.

The spa and wellness corner is at the 2nd floor, where also an adjacent bridge going to their resto is situated.

Other facilities of the hotel can be found at the second floor.

The new addition in Old San Juan Resto & Spa is a first in this town. I believe on its concept of a better service and culture-preserved structure that it won't matter to say what's new in Old San Juan, when it rings of weirdness and contrariety.

On a lighter note, this post won't be complete without my strike a pose with hubby on its beautifully done and well polished lobby with cutie Vivi, our Londoners friends' unica hija.

Thank you babe for adding magic on our likely boring pose. Lol! Kisses from us!

Old San Juan Hotel & Restaurant
Address: No. 5 Javier St., Poblacion, San Juan, Batangas, PH
Contact No.: 0917 5878331 (restaurant); 0917 7209803/043 5755400 (hotel)

Photos taken by Jun C and Ram.

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