Fascination at Fashion and Beauty Products (part 6)

Hello from Korea! Actually, not so. I'm just keeping up with my promise. :-) ( Continuation of part 5: Petite Me at Petite Franc...

Hello from Korea! Actually, not so. I'm just keeping up with my promise. :-) (Continuation of part 5: Petite Me at Petite France)

I was there last autumn and it was one destination I can recommend to all. The country is just so nice and I haven't yet shared the rest of our trip. Although the traffic in the city is all too the same as any progressive city in the world is. If it's just your first time to chanced on Wishingbelle, I've done a series of my Korean adventure. I'm midway through. Links of other stories are available on title posts at the end of this one.

So, back to my business for this part, I'm going to reveal my pasalubong bags. Fashion and beauty products are the ones we know Korea have best to offer of. And so me and my friends' bags are full of all sorts of BB creams, lippies, face masks, eye creams, nail polishes, beauty brushes, sweaters, shoes and the likes. We've traded off our rest time after a busy first tour day to a night of fashion and beauty products shopping.

Here's a few of my favorite finds:

1. Face Mask Sheets; 2) Lipstick; 3) Petite Pact, Pore Powder and Petite Blusher; 4) Eyeliner; 5) Eye cream; 6) Nail Polishes of different shades of pink mostly; and 7) Missha's Hand Creams

And what they can do, they say? 1) Missha's Pure Source Caviar Rice & Tony Moly's I'm Real Rice Mask Sheet makes dull skin look radiant and glowing; 2) Holika Holika's PRO:BEAUTY Kissable Lipstick is a perfectly adherent and hydrating lipstick 3) Baby Faces It's Skin's are too cute and its petite packages are perfect for small purses; 4) Baby Face's eyeliner is waterproof, that's enough to let me try it; 5) Timeless Ferment Snail Eye cream from Tony Moly is oh so nice with good citrusy scent; and (6 & 7) are definitely basic necessities for hands and nails care from Missha and 1 Minute Innovation Nail Stylure.

To cap the night, we've ate our tall ice cream twirls' with gusto. Shopping madness was completed after a hearty dinner from a Chinese-themed restaurant care of one birthday girl friend of our group, King. Busog are we that much walking and queuing on lines to the shops we hunt through was not a concern even with our combat boots on. Haha! The challenging part was how we commute back to our hotel using the maze and lines of its subways. :-)

To be continued at part 7: Ever Wanderers at Everland Resort


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