Me and pretty mompreneurs Beth, Yami and Shalimar Here's a few snapshots of my Saturday, that recent one. Oftentimes, ...

Me and pretty mompreneurs Beth, Yami and Shalimar

Here's a few snapshots of my Saturday, that recent one. Oftentimes, it's spent at home. It's usually my recharging session from a long week that pass by. So, it starts with me being the last to wake up in the mid-morning like I don't have a care to the world like a baby. Guilty! Haha! Usually, the nights are the most productive ones where I could do all the planning and thinking of what's best routes/ways to take so the next day's activities won't overwhelm me plus I get things done.

This Saturday though was an exception. I stayed up late the night before coz we've spent some extra hours for "we" night-out before we head home, few more kulitan hours with our little man before bedtime, and then my quiet "me" time. I prepared my next day's outfit with a hint of covering my knees (the mark from my unnecessary tripping is still there) so I can't just pick my above-the-knees-favorite skirts. Jeans were not considered coz I've been using them five times a week, but it's sometimes tempting to be just lazy in my style. It's just my self mantra, anyway. Nobody will check. But that's it, self satisfaction is caring and loving yourself. So, I wear something that makes me happy. 

That Saturday worth my preparation pala talaga! Because I got valuable insights and inspirations, met new and successful moms, and won prizes from the 3rd Mompreneur Summit I attended. Yohooo! I even have life's reminders to share to my hubby later in the afternoon when we met. Keep learning, keep growing, staying true to yourself, being clear to your values, have a work system,  make everyone in your family a habitual saver and preparing your kids to increase their financial intelligence were just some of the key messages I got which makes fashion to farming or none to success quite possible for the mompreneur speakers that day. Who knows, it can be one of mine and yours success stories, too, in the future! Dreams have no boundaries. Keep on wishing. *wink

Well, it was such a different kind of recharging Saturday, really. One of those that can surely keep the blues of routine Saturdays away. How about you? What's your Saturday stories?

Photos by me and Yami Macalintal at Aruga by Rockwell, Makati City

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