Shades of Grey

Last Sunday was some shades of grey. 

Last Sunday was some shades of grey. 

No, I don't mean the movie - Fiftty Shades of Grey! I won't be a spoiler here if you haven't watch it yet. It debuted last weekend, in time for the heart balloons, heart flowers, heart cakes, arrrgh-all-about-heart day! I'm not complaining, though. In fact I benefited from that consumerist weekend. Hehe! That's because I love to have that something so badly for too long now, my forever date gifted me with it - to appease me, finally. Haha! What it is? I might show it sometime. For my sweet hubby, I'm just so thankful to him. Truly, I am! *mwah

And back to my grey ensembles, it's a bit of a contrast to have grey inspiration on a sunny Sunday like that one we had. But I had little prep time coz we have 50 things to do that day. Again, not the movie! Haha! So in my haste, I got my neutrals on. The pullover on a sunny day is a brave choice, but I was hoping that the mountains where were heading has winds of its own. I even collected my new grey scarf on my way out to my room, just in case it gets too windy. However, as I've felt unsure of what temperature it would be like, I've worn shorts. Just to let some breeze in. At this point, I hope you've got to know and accepted that I'm not really manang-y in choosing my outfits. Hehe! And for a day of relaxation, that would be just the right outfit. 

For the footwear, I finally got a chance to wear my new Alessandra Ambrosio loves Melissa silver bowed jelly flats in grey! It was another gift, actually a prize from that event I told you some Saturdays ago. I'm a happy gal here. And my ensembles, so co-ord lang di ba

I hope you liked it. And where were we? About the place, it's one sweet surprise for both of us. We both loved it. I'll be happy to share that, too. I'll write about this place soon. *mwah

Since you've kindly drop by, here's something I like to share from the movie - now, that movie! Hehe. The audio is fit for getting ready or while driving to the mountains. Love me like you do. *wink

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