DIY Cherry Blossom Tree for Spring

Lovely day, happy people! I can feel the summer heat. It's good that we had a few rain drops for some days ago to sweeten M...

Lovely day, happy people! I can feel the summer heat. It's good that we had a few rain drops for some days ago to sweeten Mr. Sun's radiance in this early March. 

And so it's spring time real soon (summer in ours)! Cherry blossoms will have it's ahh-moment again all over the globe!

My eyes are pointed on my plant one sunny afternoon. I'm all expectant looking at my pink-flowering tree in the front yard. That's the closest we got in this side of the world. I was inspecting its slim branches. Leaves are green, not much flowers, and then I think I saw some brown dried shoots. Is it dying? Oh, NOOOOO! It can't. I love plants! Although I don't have much to tell on making them grow healthy and live long. *Deep, long breath* I need to just accept the fate of those few shoots that dried up on my tree while it's still attached to the main branch. Grave problem! Haha! I pulled it off from the branch.

Suddenly, those twigs gave me an idea to create my own Cherry blossom tree. It's my Mom's birthday in two days time when this idea struck me. I saved the twigs, and channeled my inner Martha on the morning of her birthday. Here's a very easy peasy DIY cherry blossom idea - uhm, mine is RED, actually! Hihi! Find out how I did my very own.

Note: I asked help but there's really no pink paper on the store I've searched so bad that time. :-)


Crepe Paper, 1 roll
Pair of Scissors
Pointed stick


And that's how to make a cherry blossom tree! When I finally completed mine and put up some pompoms (it's my DIY, too. Another story to tell why. Haha!), my most valuable critic told me --- "Mommy, you put a lot of work for Inay's party. You did beautiful decorations. You can actually sell them on a mall." Wowowee! I have one sweet and supportive son here. But that's not the end of it, coz what he said next is priceless! "When you and dad grow old, I'll throw a nice party for you, too!" Awww! I've been heaven-blessed! #momsproudestmoment

One story to tell about my little DIY, right? Anyway, this one cost almost nothing. But the result turned out to be something priceless! 

Happy Spring/Summer everyone! 

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  1. Yes naman....... I love it! Keep posting mare. I'm enjoying so much. And getting more excited with our plans. And you're into it na actually. Nakaka-inspire. hihihi!

    1. Thanks, mare! I'm glad that I've inspired you more. Let's do it! ;-)


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