As soon as the weekend rolled in, I'm so determined to layout the photos from that travel blog I'm currently working on. Too m...

As soon as the weekend rolled in, I'm so determined to layout the photos from that travel blog I'm currently working on. Too many photos of it and too preoccupied lately that when I've finally changed my clothes and ready to relax, my bed invited me in AAAANNNNND I changed my plan. Haha! It was always like that for some good weeks now. But I did attempt to catch-up with all of you with my promise posts. It's just that my lola moment is too strong to fight with that all I can do is to fire up my iPad, lit up my face on bed with it until I doze off.

So now that I've got to finally update, here's some photo essays while inactive in the blogosphere.

Summer is here! Whites and cottons are on.

I had a lunch date last weekend with a few of my college orgmates to meet up one of our classmate whom I haven't seen since we've graduated. Meeting place was in UP Town Center. It's been awhile since I visited that side of Diliman, Quezon City. So when I first heard about this mall, I was surprised that there's a stone's throw, big shopping mall from my university campus now.

The traffic was heavy on a mid-day along C-5 road and the sun was not easy on us, either.  Good thing, my hubby was available to drive for me that day.

A little few meters of moving slow,  he'll hit the break, move forward a little, then the break AGAIN. 20 breaks later, I got our first selfie photo for that day. Hehe! Was there ever a day that it isn't traffic on this road? So beware, for those who have puny bladders.

We've finally reached our destination after more than an hour. Our meeting place is on one of its Greek restaurant named Kos Greek Ouzire. My orgmates were already there. They've ordered what Greek resto specializes into - lamb meats. And some chickens, too. I added some Gyro lamb and hubby got Gyro chicken. By the way, it's not jie-roe as my boy's name is pronounced but this one is yee-raw! I have to request for a repeat on how to pronounce it correctly and I don't think I still got it right. So...

Learning moment 101: Let's use gyro in a sentence. (1) This year is yee-raw of the lamb. Toink! (2) We changed the wooden roof with corrugated yee-raw. Lol! Oh well, I still don't know if it's that sound or jeer-oh! Basta, sounds Greek to me! Whichever it is, as long as your a paying customer in a Greek resto, the chances of getting a sandwich instead of a compass is higher, I guess. Lol!

Also note that there is waiting time for the meat order. Order will be served after 45minutes. So while waiting and feasting on some free bread, we are talking our heads off. The UP days playback was on.

Last December (that's much later than lately -- haha!) was my first time to dine in UP Town Center. Same group, but bigger one and I guess it was the first time we attempted a mini-reunion after the college days. The same occasion, we've met-up one other classmate of ours who's also living abroad  but was in town with her handsome family for the holidays. We had our lunch on Dulcelin Gourmet. This restaurant have more rice meals than Kos and the serving size is huge. Dulcelin is more of western food, with spicy take. I didn't enjoy what I ordered and haven't tried their desserts kaya sayang! Maybe, next time I can tell more about it.

Photo from my Instagram for our lunch date last December

What we had for dessert was from Cafe Shibuya. The interior of this one is cute - homey and of wooden interior. I'm not really a coffee lover. Yeah, I'm a coffee snob! What I usually order are frappes but that day, I tried their Caramel Latte in combo with my sweets. Hehe!  We ordered their Original Dark chocolate molten cake. I didn't expect that it was good! I was surprised actually how soft  the cake was and it was served hot. Molten core really oozes out when sliced, just the way you can imagine how it is in a good commercial video.  In short, not so ordinary! E di wow, talaga! Okay, I was just too excited to use that phrase coz I've just learned how to use it, too. Hehe! But I really enjoyed my dessert at Cafe Shibuya.

Looks like all that happened lately is about dining, huh! It's actually more about my Chem group whom I haven't seen in awhile and got great times catching up with them even for just quick lunches and coffee times. Driving home after our lunch date, the music on Monster radio was something with lines like "it's all about Chemistry". Isn't it perfect timing and too fitting for me? *wink *wink

And I have to say everytime I visited this campus mall, my tummy is full-filled and I got more relaxed and refreshed with the vibrance (and kakulitan/kalokohan) of my Chemsoc bunch. Lol! O di ba? 

Hope everybody had fun time lately. XO

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