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Wow...this white blank page is rare to caught my attention lately. I felt like it's forever from the last time I shared my food a...

Wow...this white blank page is rare to caught my attention lately. I felt like it's forever from the last time I shared my food adventures, products I like, places I've explored and all those fashion stuff I've tried so hard to rock in front of my husband's camera without letting you see how awkward I actually am posing in public places that are just ordinary.

Blame it on my fashionista icons for that matter. They are the real deal bloggers with so many pretty clothes, expensive bags, lovely stuff to strut and comfortable to look at that reading their blogs and looking at their pictures seems to be that posing is easy. How do they have everything new? How can they afford it? And where can I steal those stuff so I can blog it, too? Haha! While for the top food and travel bloggers that I love to follow, I'm in awe for the energy they got to do all those stuff and update their blogs religiously. When do they sleep? Lol!

So, how do I go with that thought? I suddenly am MIA lately. Excuses. Excuses. Certainly, I do love to write and share my ordinary life even my photos are non-spectacular most of the times. But I think, I can still add a thing or two to the mix. And this is certainly my vent for the extra energy and creative juices that flows in my veins sometimes. Eeek. Creative, really? Who am I, nowadays? Dreamy, again. To back up this claim, I think I have one to tell you. Do you happen to see that ads on the web with a girl rotating continuously with a quiz if which direction it is - left or right? It finally lured me one day to take that quiz and find out which side of my brain is predominantly at work. ANNNDDD it turned out that I'm almost using both sides at the same percentages - 51% logical, 49% creative. Hah! Some quiz to back up my claim, right? Lol!

Anyway, sharing a piece of my time with you through this blog has been therapeutic for me. This maybe on the low end of the pole coz there's just so many excellent writers out there. And professional-looking sites, too. But, expensive or not, I love to look stylish and pose like a model even I'm just a short girl here. I love to go anywhere pretty and try/work/pray hard to afford it within my means (and my husband's). Hehe! I love food and I'm trying to improve my capture even that's almost an impossible task for my tummy-blinded sight. What's that? These days of mega-improvising monikers. *sheepish smile 

So, I've resolved to continue to blog what and where for me is lovely and fun, do some fashion posts that I don't need to think of more than I do my weekly plan. Yung mga tipong na-type-an ko lang at napili habang may taxi ng naghihintay sa labas pero nice pala and will look like I've put so much effort on it kahit by accident lang. Something spontaneous and ordinary that most of us can relate to. Because this blog site is as honest as it is, as simple as its layout, BUT definitely not short with style and inspirations. This blog site will continue to be my platform for sharing my experiences and what I love and my happiness in life.

Thank you for being with me two years in a row now. I'm still warming up, so, stay tuned for more!


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