Best for Couple's Spa: Luljetta's Hanging Gardens in Antipolo

Last love month, I've been posting photos of mountains and hanging gardens on my Instagram and Facebook account. It's from Luljet...

Last love month, I've been posting photos of mountains and hanging gardens on my Instagram and Facebook account. It's from Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa, a sanctuary for couples looking for superb spa treatment that my hubby and I just discovered.

Whenever there's a bit of a chance for me and my hubby to travel, even if it's just a road trip to the nearest beach or resort, we eagerly do so. That's what we planned to do last valentine's day, only because it falls on a weekend. Okay, who am I gonna kid now? Admittedly, we planned it because we're kinda cheesy couples, pa rin. :-)

While the date is drawing near, we somehow lost the excitement of booking anything because of crazy changes going on around us. Another option that came to fruition was we at least book for a body massage because we were both too stressed out. And I was glad we downgraded our plan because that's more what we really needed to have pala talaga.

Let me walk you through to the first and only hanging gardens and spa in the Philippines, which is just a stone's throw away from the urban jungle.

With very little expectations, maybe because we're too focused on the clouds looming over our sky at that time, we were unprepared for the beauty of this place. I've read that it offers a complete hanging garden's retreat but pre-occupied that we are, we didn't bring clothes to change. I guess, our hardened muscles are just screaming MASSAGE PLEASE, PRONTO that nothing else comes to mind. :-(

We we're greeted with unexpected calmness of the lush greens and landscaped gardens that is overlooking Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila.

There are different types of spa which one can choose from depending on accommodations, ambiance, facilities, staff-to-guest ratios, etc. What is usual nowadays are Day Spa or Salon Spa. That's what we had in Luljetta's.

Calming music, scented candles and serene ambiance are what you can expect from this place. There might be some guests who are not very observant of how the place should be, but in general it's a revitalizing camp that can provide healing break from your daily stresses.

We had a soothing massage in the afternoon after our lunch in Verde cafe at Loreland. I really had sore muscles that the hard pressure I got from my massage therapist was simply heavenly. I guess, we both fallen into a sweet nap after our massages. #veryrelaxed. Haha!

We didn't try the other retreat activities that they offer from that first visit. We had it on the second time with our little one, which was just a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we're there again because we're that satisfied!

For the Hanging Gardens retreat package, we were given batik robes, towels and a basket where we can put all the essentials we need through the day.

I brought my lightweight tote with me coz lockers are not enough when we were there. Here's more of what Luljetta's can offer.

Infinity pools, hydro massage, Dr. Fish, sauna and jacuzzi are available facilities to pamper you to the max! Or should I say, to the infinity! Lol! Even my little boy enjoyed everything we tried.

The sunset, the picture perfect view of Manila and the infinity pool equals a real infinite beauty care of nature and this place. 

We enjoyed the experience to the max, as in 'til night or when we got tired and needed to have a break from relaxing (oh, how cool is that? Haha!) with some snacks of local suman and some ginger tea. It's included in the package, by the way.

Indeed, a well spent day of spa and retreat for us care of Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa. Definitely, couples will enjoy this place. Why? Aside from the obvious, which I've overloaded with our photos (sorry for that), here's what I really like about this place:
  • The overall ambiance and unlimited space with greens and fresh air are something else that we cannot compare to confined walls of posh facilities. 
  • Although it's full of stairs, I think it's an ace of this place. The non-planar dimension of where it's facilities are splayed out provides privacy even the place could get busy with guests. 
  • The staff are friendly, helpful and respectful. For the two visits that we had, we got the same courteous greetings and assistance from them. Everybody was treated just the same. And I didn't even notice where they are spread throughout the day. It's an off observation for me if you visit a spa facility and the staff are too loud.  

Definitely, it deserves my #sulit badge. Haha! Here's more of our to the max R&R.

"The first duty of love is to listen" by Paul Tillich - There's a lot more of those uplifting quotes. Did I mention that with those generous and spread out positive reminders planted on every nook and cranny of their garden will make you feel better, all the same? Thumbs up for that concept! #feelingrenewed

And that's the wrap. So, reward yourself once in awhile and have a revitalizing retreat! *wink

For directions to get to the best Couple's spa location in Antipolo, click link below.

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens and Spa
Loreland Farm Resort
Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, PH
Contact Nos.: 0917-5444432; (02) 6228779

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