How to Get Wise on Spending your Cash

I was going to write something about my recent mini-vacation but somehow I was diverted to my credit card bill. Ooppss! That thick e...

I was going to write something about my recent mini-vacation but somehow I was diverted to my credit card bill. Ooppss! That thick envelope from the bank. (Insert here that smiley face with all teeth shown). Huh!

And so, I remembered that I really haven't shared something about wise spending when all my activities on my social accounts seemed to be that I AM a spender.

Note to self:  Be careful on your next words little missus! Haha!

In my recent socializations, it seemed I've got some querries on finance area where everyone of us are pretty sure happy if the portfolio is greener than it is red.  Hence, that huge adjective - WISE on the title of this post along with ultra-heavy word --- CASH.

Oh dear! Such a sound, intelligent and matured-sounding title post that I really had to reflect long and hard what to write about it. *crickets moment* Haha!

Here's my 3 simple steps to achieve it:

1. Get advice from people who are successful in managing their finances

  • Is it easy? I think it is. There are lots of means now. If it was too much work before to know who these people are, now it is so much easier. There are FB pages or just use search engines like google for seminars, training events, books, blogs even which are free or with minimal charges that give essential information to help you on this department. Know them and listen to them or read about what they share on managing finances successfully.
  • Example tool for you to achieve this step: I haven't shared this before. But you know what, Wishingbelle's site would like to assist you on that matter ever since I've created this site. All you need is click the Truly Rich button on the right side of this post. Scroll down a bit. Yeah, there it is. Sitting quietly but have you tried using it? I won't insist it, though. When you need it, just click and hope it will be useful to you. Just one more thing, if you're using a mobile phone, you'll have to use the view web version to see this button. 

2. Know where you are on your financial standing. 

  • Are you poor? Are you on the average? Or do you feel like you're rich now? If you have an honest reflection of where you're finances can take you right now, you'll be careful on your spending, too. Somehow, this isn't very easy to do. But, you should still have to do it. My advice, write down your weekly or monthly expenses together with your income. You may do it with just a pen and a notebook or get savvy and use excel.
  • Example tool for you to achieve this step: templates on personal budget, net worth on excel or numbers

3. Have a financial goal proportionate to time. 

  • Saving up may take time. I don't say it's easy but it isn't impossible. Time is the essential factor how to grow that money you have. Do you save a portion of your income regularly or do you just keep money when you get extra amount from your regular income? Whichever of the two type you are, it's important that you have a clear goal.
  • Example tool for you to achieve this step: personal savings plan, investment plan, mutual funds, trading, retirement plan

And there you go. You will start to feel wise when you at least believe. But believing is an action of the mind and it won't be easy at first. It isn't impossible, either. You've got to feed your mind with the right information. How to do it? I hope those 3 simple steps will help you. *wink

Disclaimer: This new topic has been on my draft for sometime in response to those who have asked for it. And I feel that I have something to share about it, so there is my very first attempt (don't judge me. :-)) This won't be regular, though. *wink *wink

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  1. Yipee! Nice one Wishingbelle. Keep posting your how to's. Have a nice day ahead.

    1. Thank you for reading my posts, Mare! And I hope this entry is helpful. :-)


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