5 Things You Need to Know About Sitio La Presa

I am not totally clueless of the story of "Forevermore" but I admit, I have to google up or visit Youtube for few thi...

I am not totally clueless of the story of "Forevermore" but I admit, I have to google up or visit Youtube for few things about this hit teleserye of Xander Grande (Enrique Gil) and Agnes Calay (Liza Soberano). What I'd like to share to you though is how I find the popular Sitio La Presa as I visited this place unexpectant of anything, since I'm not really glued to each and every episodes of the teleserye.

Here's what I gathered about this romantic magical site, that is Sitio La Presa.

1.  How to locate Sitio La Presa. Sitio La Presa is actually a fictional name. The actual place is named Sitio Pungayan in Tuba, Benguet. And a common misconception is that it's in Baguio. However, entry point to this site is Baguio City. So when you're in Baguio, you're on the right track of finding this place. *wink

2.  How to get there. You need a reliable vehicle to ascend to the top of this mountain. My family hired a van with a driver whose familiar in Baguio. Travel time from the business district of the city to the site is about 30minutes. It's approximately 11 km from the main land. But expect heavy traffic due to influx of tourists getting to the site. Hence, travel time may extend to about an hour. Bring some snacks with you to eat while enjoying the mountain view!

3.  How high is Sitio La Presa. We were ascending and ascending and the driver is still pointing up high on the road. All I can see is the cloud. Sitio La Presa is actually about 2000 m above sea level. Holy cow! I was praying that we'll never run out of gas at the middle of the road. It's actually seated near the top of Mt. Cabuyao. At the topmost concrete road where the Sitio is near, you'll need to walk to the exact shooting location. It's sloping down and about 10 minutes easy walking.

4.  How cold is it up there. Being on top of the mountains, Sitio La Presa is breezy even on hot summer months. Like the time we were there, at about 2:00 in the afternoon, it was chilly even the sun is shining bright and hot. It just make sense since rate of temperature drops for an average of 0.65 degrees Celcius for every 100m gain in altitude. Which means that it's about 6.5 to 10 degrees colder up there than in the main land. Brrrr!

5.  What fees to expect in getting there and on-site. There is a minimal eco-tourism fee of Php 25 per person. Kids and driver are free of charge. If renting a taxi, they are charging Php 800-1000 for a round trip. For the use of rest rooms, private houses are charging Php 10 from visitors. For backdrops of Sitio La Presa signages in photos, charge is also at Php 10. While entrance fee to Agnes' actual house is Php 20 per person, as well as getting a photo with their La Presa Express truck. There are lots of merchandise along the road, so bring some extra cash.

And I am bringing everything I can at home. Haha!

I just have to warn you, the view on top is magnificent! It's no wonder why many tourists come daily to the beautiful Sitio La Presa. 

The grandeur of nature!

The tiered vegetable fields - a labor of love!

An actual, unfiltered photo of nature at its finest!

We even met these two guys who have motorbiked for a good 10 long hours from Taal, Batangas all the way to the top of Sitio La Presa just to see the place and hoping to get a glimpse of the stars of Forevermore. They will be biking back that same day after. Wow!

While this gal is nearly dying hiking up the dirt road from Agnes' house to where our van was parked. Geez! I might add it as no. 6, be physically prepared. When I reached the top of the steep slope, I litterally jump for joy. Haha.

And I'll park here with this photo of me floating in cold air on top of the second highest peak in Benguet. More of my Baguio adventures is coming up soon. Stay tuned!

Have you been to Sitio La Presa? What other tips would you like to add?

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