15 Ways To Enjoy Baguio City

Hello there! Sorry for the radio silence since my last travel post. I have tons of beautiful pictures and stories to tell. And I can...

Hello there! Sorry for the radio silence since my last travel post. I have tons of beautiful pictures and stories to tell. And I can't keep it to myself. So, might as well share it with you in case you are planning to book for one.

When in Baguio, there are usual tourist sites that will surely give you those Instagram-worthy pictures. And more than anything else, travel to the City of Pines should give you a recharging and refreshing feeling care of amazing wonders of nature and a change in air. The popular tourists sites in Baguio may not be new, but trying different things will create new happy moments that you'll cherish even though it's just a local site and quite a repeat for many. 

So, here's my top 15 recommendations on how you'll enjoy Baguio more than the other times you've been there.

1. Go on a perfect weather. Yes, it's on my top list because it still is the most defining criteria of any travel experience and place you'll spent a few days with. The metro heat is up to the scale nowadays that the sudden drop in temperature of air is just so inviting. Quick travel tip: Check weather forecast days ahead before your trip so you can prepare what you'll be needing to bring.

2. Bring jackets, pullovers or scarves for your layering. It is still colder up there especially at night so you wouldn't wanna miss the opportunity to rock your ber-months clothes even on summer. Take it a notch higher, wear those boots and trench you so treasure because Baguio at night (even on summer months) has read the fashion memo. You won't be too different, I assure you. *wink

3. Explore the city at night. On a non-raining night, it's a good time to walk to the well-lighted streets along Burnham park.

4. Rent a bike at Burnham Park and have the leisure of your time to enjoy your surroundings. I was too delighted to ride a double bike with my hubby. I can't believe my Friday night could be so much fun enjoying the rush of cold wind on my face and a race with our little one on his little bike. Haha. And more than anything else, isn't it awesome spending your Friday night with your loved ones, breathing clean air and doesn't have any heavy traffic issue? *wink

5. If you're on a big group, better hire a mini-bus or van with a professional driver so your time will be really focused on rest and relaxation. 

6. Check your hotel, lodge, or house if there is a provision to cook or store raw food. Over-spending on food may not be so good in traveling especially when in a big group. So, when there is a fridge and a kettle or cookwares you can use, try to prepare easy to cook food for breakfast or lunch. Save your money for a nice dinner outside. 

7. Dine at Cafe by the Ruins.  It still is one of the most visited and dined restaurant when in the city, so reserve ahead if you are with a big group. Or try new famous restaurants in the city like Chef's Home or Oh my Gulay!

8.  Still do strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet. Fresh picks are the best tasting. Sweet!

9. Try strawberry ice cream. Dirty ice cream vendors are everywhere in the farm. And also other strawberry-based sweets and preserves. Real yummy treat or pasalubong.

10. Need more pasalubong? Try their famous ube yam, peanut brittles, strawberry jam, and other sweets at its most famous and high-quality store, from Good Shepherd.

11. If you wish to bring home some fresh vegetables, swing by the market of La Trinidad. You can have there the best bargains for freshly picked and organic veggies.

12. Take in the historical value of Baguio from its most visited parks and tourist sites like Botanical Garden, Mines View and Camp John Hay. More than their touristy value, according to history, Baguio is where World War II started and ended.

13. Have a picnic at the grounds of Camp John Hay. Tall pines, cool breeze and a picnic mat will give you and your family a different high on a warm mid-day.

14. For more happy bonding moments with grownup kids, do family activities at their Adventure Camp. Try Tree Top Adventure. Teens and bigger kids will surely enjoy it.

15. And lastly, discover new tourist sites even it may be too common for lots of people. Just like how I discovered Sitio La Presa, it's quite a surprise to me that I've enjoyed it. Have you read it? My experience is here.

Baguio is truly the summer capital in the Philippines. The wonders of nature and breathtaking view up there is something to treasure. And as I look on my photos of travel, those that are going up, some place that requires a little effort are just too good and too revitalizing with the spirit that I really won't keep it by myself but has to be shared for all my equally travel enthusiasts. Just to inspire you a bit more, do it in your most stylish way, okay? *wink *wink

Have fun!

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