2-Day Photo Diary: Misibis Bay Getaway

As you all know if you follow me on Instagram and have read my  preview post , I've had a quick getaway with my girlfriends at the beau...

As you all know if you follow me on Instagram and have read my preview post, I've had a quick getaway with my girlfriends at the beautiful Misibis Bay in Cagraray Island, Albay. It was one of the agenda of my birthday friend, Azi, as she had a few days vacation here in the Philippines. Just an overnight for the girls, that's how it was. So, my friends booked a good for four overnight stay for us that they've sourced at Deal Grocer. And I'm sharing with you all the happy and beautiful moments we had at Misibis Bay.

The weather is terribly hot during summer and while rain is starting to drop lately, the temperature is still too hot. Our weekend of stay was blessed with sunny skies. Hooray! Just a perfect setting for these four friends bonding with unlimited girl talks anywhere inside the resort's luxurious ground and amenities.

Topics are the usual: what we do lately, problems and crises we're in, men in our lives, the kids, family, and the planet earth. Haha. Picture this - four women talking their heads off.

We woke up very early coz our flight was around 5am. I was so sure of what wardrobe and footwear I'll bring on this trip, which are just repeats of my previous beach getaways. Except for the footwear I shared on my IG feeds lately. Yeah, it's new. Excited? Haha. Too excited that in my conservation of energy to carry all my essentials I decided not to bring my wallet, which got a tummy of its own and weigh about 4 pounds. Barya lang kasi ang laman, kaya heavy. Lol. So, I have some cash and credit cards with me and it's very light. Great idea! Yeah right. I forgot to bring any ID card which I just remembered halfway to the airport, around 3:40am on time scale. Oh my geeee!!!

The good husband saved the day! On his wallet, he has one of my ID cards for some membership I had. Forget how badly taken my photo on that ID was, I'm too proud to wave to anyone that it was my face on it at the airport that early morning! #thereishope #always! Haha.

Here's the continuation of our camwhoring. After all, that's what our cameras are for.

Before day 1 is over, we had more photos at the pool. Enjoying life slowly setting down for a night. We're completely relaxing on this one amazing time.

Since we arrived too early, we used the morning exploring the amenities of the resort. The pools are enough to entice us to do nothing but stay under water once we've settled our things on our suite and had enough photos to document our bulges. Haha. I mean, our memorable stay.

We filled our waiting time with an eco tour. It can be arranged inside the resort and it's not included yet in booking fees for a room. I'll have to write about it on a different post. Meanwhile, here's Day 2 photos at the beach.

It's an obligatory post, our solo beach photos. Haha.

You may wonder who took our pictures - it's a must in blogging, btw. It's just us and our incredible skills of running fast without showing how tiresome it is on cam. Lol. We're mostly using tripod with 10 seconds camera setting delay for shooting. How very committed, right? And it turned out well, if I say so. Haha.

For the pool photos, we can't swim like mermaids. Some helpful staff of the resorts took them for us. They're friendly and supportive of our "picture, picture" moments. Lol. Thank you to the cool staff!! 

And thanks for reading Wishing Belle! Just remember that every good things start with an ardent wish. *wink *wink

I'll share practical tips and reviews next. For now, I'm gonna leave you with this view.

Till my next post, folks! 

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  1. Love it! til our next getaway! lalabs! :)

    1. I'm glad you love it, birthday girl! I'm looking forward to our nexts! ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the support! The place is unforgettable! ;-)

  3. Yeah! I love the view, the photos, your poses, your fashion and your smiles and faces! Yeehaw! Cheers for more getaway ladies!!!

    1. Thanks, mare! Taralets for another getaway! ;-)


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