Musings at Pinto Art Museum

Life is what you make it. It currently becomes my credo in art of living and I've been thinking about it while descending on the stone stairs of Pinto Art Museum. I've missed a crevice on the 2nd to the last step and I fell on my left knee to the next landing with my iPad on my left hand, it has lived up to its name. It served as pad to my left face as I leaned cheek-to-cheek on a rough wall of one of the museums. OMGGGG! I'm beggining to think that I can create a book with my 1001 funny bloopers.

Well, accidents do happen. My only saving grace for that misadventure is that I'm wearing a new favorite. I'm recently inclined wearing plains & neutrals with my atta girl wedges. *cheeky smile and a wave* Please don't judge me why I'm wearing a wedge on that afternoon. Haha.

Because I'm excited to go out on a date with my ex-bf. Nothing new, he's always asking me out. Because I'm excited to wear my high-lo gray maxi dress, which is too shallow. Yes, I have kababawans taller than I am. Because I want to see this place as I've seen it quite lovely in photos. I'm an explorer, by my own standards. And before you pass judgement, let me clarify - the husband is the ex-bf. That's not news.

So, more than the shallow implications, what I'd like to impart today is that I've made it my mission to my family to go to best places - near or far, to eat good food at some fancy restaurants we can afford occasionally and to wear our best at every chance we could because life is short to wear stuff you don't look good at. It's something like being prepared. Or being at and doing your best on everything/anywhere so you will feel and act at your best, too. Life is what you make it. And living is an art.

I'm sharing my Pinto Cafe experience as well. Check it here.

Pinto Art Museum
1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights,
Antipolo City, Philippines

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