A Taste of Bali in Cintai Coritos Garden

Hi, guys! Here I am, picking up on my blog backlog again. And one of my favorite is to share my travel adventures in this space. Although ...

Hi, guys! Here I am, picking up on my blog backlog again. And one of my favorite is to share my travel adventures in this space. Although this one is a quick getaway and just a relaxed travel. And we've shots a lot of nice photos of our stay which I'd be happy to share them as well. I'm talking about my Balinese-inspired weekend in Cintai Coritos Garden last June.

I woke up to a beautiful sunny anniversary day, thrilled to see a different scenery in just about an hour and a half drive from the metro. The husband has put our bags on the car while I checked my booking details to our destination.

Excitement is bubbling up on me. It's the newness of the place and experience that always keeps my heart beating extra fast. Hihihi. You can imagine, for sure. That's Wishingbelle on a nutshell.

And while I haven't been to Bali, Indonesia, I can imagine the richness of its culture with the famous images of temples and Balinese art from the web. And the distinct food, too. So, I'm really excited to have a feel of it with no plane ticket needed. Yes, we just need to drive.

The road is ours, like there is a red carpet that leads this Bali-mooners to just South with the access of SLEX and Star Tollway. Location of Cintai Coritos Garden is strategic being at the mouth of Lipa City, thru Balete exit.

We arrived at noon and it was so humid that day. But I'm too giddy to feel any rumbling from my tummy even it's lunch time.

The entrance alone spells uniqueness and grandeur with all the details of the carvings and richness of colors with one goal of simply announcing its guest that they've arrived to Cintai. Only that it wasn't simple at all.

I was totally silent the whole drive from the gate to the reception area, enjoying the scenery through the car window. And forgetting all together that hubby fled to have a quick bite of anything for lunch. Well, we didn't pass through any fast food chain or any restaurant on the way near it so we both forget to deal the intestine situation. Just awe-struck that it's actually vast. And I mean, 6-hectares of diverse aura separated by the wooden gate. Wow!

I was happy at the warm reception for Wishingbelle. A lot of ground to cover that our stay was "bitin" (not enough) to discover every nook and corner. The place is quiet and activities are limited to farm life. Very unique from all the other getaway destinations we've been to, which made it a fine discovery for those seeking new and beyond ordinary.

I blend in just fine, don't you think? *wink We've thrown our bags (literally) inside the villa because we're excited to see more of this vast and very private garden. So vast, I don't think it will ever become rowdy and crowded in this place.

And the villas are so spacious!

Once we've had our late lunch at Abadi, their dining hall situated some tens of steps up from where the villas are, we explore more of the place.

Our feet was magnetized on the direction of the pool which I've been eyeing while eating lunch at a distance. It was just so inviting.

We stayed there for most of our afternoon. And since it's a garden full of trees and plants, biodiversity is evident. My little guest for chat visited me while I'm testing the water with my feet on the poolside - a honeysuckle-colored dragonfly! The only thing is, even mosquitoes are here so be ready for insect-repellent lotions.

What follows are more of Balinese feel at this secret garden I'm totally mesmerized.

Visit Looking for Love: Day 2 Cintai Coritos Photo Diary for the continuation. ;-)

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  1. The place looks stunning huh! I suddenly want to go back to Bali hehe

    1. Yes, it is, Azi Ess! Very nice and impressive maintenance of the place considering its vastness. With love talaga ang Cintai! 😍


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