Life on a Busy Lane: Recent Weeks' Recap

I’m uberly using the word busy lately that I don’t know if it rings its truest meaning anymore when I meant real busy. To be honest, I c...

I’m uberly using the word busy lately that I don’t know if it rings its truest meaning anymore when I meant real busy. To be honest, I can’t even wrap it up on a document that would justify my crazy schedule lately. But somehow, I'd like to put two dots on top of u on the word. Because I get through the week, ALIVE!

And some of my highest moments despite the scarcity of sleep and oh-so-Herculean amount of energy and spirit I summoned. 

So, I have to form this 6-pictures-two-words kind of post. I’m not sure though if you wish to know the mundane of my life lately but somehow this will push me to focus on things that Wishingbelle usually shares in this space. Hence, my risky attempt to continue business as usual. :-)

Meetings - Week that was were full of meetings with my two teams. I have given birth to two new babies at a time, forgive the non-eloquence of describing my dreams and goals into something like an infant. But that's what really they are at the moment. New on the game field, I often freak out. The boys in the house could attest. Good thing, I can can recover...daily. Excitingly, I got to drive somewhere unfamiliar and amused with the maze of the metro. Downside, traffic has never been better. It's worse.

Routine Tasks
 -  My weekdays are as usual, rising as early as 4am to attend to my day job. Snooze, snooze, snooze. Like what I usually do, I don't give details of my work but excitement there is as real as my off-the-work passions. I just don't give anyone a hint. *wink 

Pursuing Passions - I quickly jump off my attention to my teammates right after work. I am now in the demographic of those juggling the day and night agenda, multitasking, crazy busy and trying to increase my efficiency and patience more. All because I'm nurturing both infants at a time. Honestly, I'm living my day one at a time. Baby steps and in compartments. I hope it inspires anyone more than it can attract negatrons.

Challenges - If not without it, life would be boring. I'm so embracing the hurdles of my newest baby as well as to my other responsibilities.  I know that I'm not there yet but at least I've taken the hardest step - to start.

Keep Calm - That's what those pretty blooms on the picture is all about. When I'm already saturated, I tuned in to something moms are just supposed to do in the house - arrange some flowers, why not! Haha. IG post will tell. And recently I discovered a clever way of arranging long-stemmed flowers in Martha Stewart-ish kind of way. I'll share it on another post.

And those are my clues. The words, by the way, are PRETTY BUSY! Hashtag is the modern life. Yeeba! Sounds important! *wink

How are you doing, lately?

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