5 Great Love Lessons from Aldub Magic for Ladies in their 20's

I'm not gonna hide that I'm one of the persons who gets curiouser and curiouser on what Aldub is all about. And when I got t...

I'm not gonna hide that I'm one of the persons who gets curiouser and curiouser on what Aldub is all about. And when I got the chance to You Tube some episodes of their love team from segments of Eat Bulaga's Juan for all, All for Juan - I played as much episodes I can in a sitting. Close to being fanatic. Haha! Don't judge me, I'm at work when Eat Bulaga's airing it at noontime. 

So, let me fire away the question of "Will they be a couple in real life?" to start this rather complicated topic. Lol. While I'm imagining Lola Nidora's hirit of "sa tamang panahon" to get the answer to that question, let me just share to you now what I've learned so far from the show that I find worthy to relay with the 20 something single ladies.

Why them? Because that's the critical period for the women to truly find the love of their lives and get into serious relationship. (I'm feeling nervous now with the serious and complicated word I'm using so often. Hooboy!) For those beyond 20's, don't fret, you have more lessons learned on your belt by now. And I have not gone beyond 30's so what I probably know is much like yours, too. Sabay-sabay na lang tayong kiligin at matuwa. Lol. But seriously, time is the only variable that's hard to play. My unsolicited advice, always move forward no matter what and love life will sort out on its own sweet time.

So, ladies, here's my top 5 lessons about love & life that you need to consider while time is on your side. Trust me, this post is for you.

On my laptop screen is #AlDub art by Felix Cruz

Lesson # 1. Love is patient. Just like Lola Nidora's word, sa tamang panahon. Same as what Lola Tidora said, "Hindi masarap ang bunga kung hinog sa pilit." You've got to wait and really think well. Be picky with whomever you'll allow to have your heart. Love is so much different from lust or just liking the person. So don't haste things just for the sake of getting a change in relationship status or peer pressure. 

Lesson # 2. Courtship never gets old. Yes, uso pa po yan. Do believe in magic moments that happens when a guy make efforts and get creative to express his intentions to you. Cheesy na kung cheesy, but that's where you'll get kilig. More than it's shallow implication, it's also a way of what lesson #1 is all about. That is getting to know each other more before getting committed.

Lesson # 3. While you're waiting for your own Alden, serve others with all your heart and commitment. Yaya Dub is a good servant to Lola Nidora, right? In real world, Lola Nidora can be someone who have much demands and dependency on you - might be your employer, your community, your family, anyone - but they can be a potential modern fairy godmother, too! More than that, 20 something is the age you need to strengthen your identity, or your work ethics which will define you on the more adulthood years of your life. So, set your foot on the right track to a brighter future by genuinely serving others. 

Lesson # 4. Learn something enriching while waiting. Just like table manners is new for Yaya Dub, you've got to continue your willingness to learn more and new stuff. We are often told that learning doesn't stop when school does. And it's true! Because be reminded that you cannot do everything all at once at the latter stage of your life. Seize the moment to learn and be equipped. When prince charming arrives, you can really tell him 'Baby, I'm worth it!' (while tossing your shoulders a little forward and start doing a jig ;-P)

Lesson # 5. And while I'm getting pretty serious on my life and love lessons here from AlDub's magic, try to have some fun while you're doing all of the above. Because that is loving yourself first. With or without boyfriend, it's just fundamental that you know your worth and you love the person you see in you. 

If you tick most of these lessons, the possibility is high that there will be SOMEONE, someone in this world that will say "God gave me you." Make your destiny a destination of choice, not chance.


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