Autumn In Korea (part 7): Ever Wanderers at Everland Amusement Park

...continuation of  Part 6: Fascination at Fashion and Beauty Products Hello friends! Sorry, this story took long to post because my sc...

Hello friends! Sorry, this story took long to post because my schedule recently is hay wired by some major events for my mid life. I'm beginning to think it will always be my opening line from here on. Anyway, let's just catch up on my Korean tour report before the next autumn begins. *wink

Here is 3rd day activities.

One of the highly recommended tourist site while in Korea is this famous amusement park. Our 3rd day started early hopping on the bus which will take us to Everland. The kids on us were never lost, and it's my birthday, so cheers to this amusement park visit day!

Everland is one of the largest theme park in Korea. It was selected as one of the world's top five theme parks in 2002 by the U.S. 'Amusement Business' and I'm ready to explore much of it.

Everland covers a wide ground, with various theme parks and lots of things to do. It's best to leave early in the morning and plan ahead to explore much of the park because public transportation is also leaving early in the evening. 

This is one rule that we learned fast and hard together with 70 other bus mates who patiently waited for us come 6:15pm. TheCats were the cause of a quarter of an hour delay. Uh-oh! I pulled out my lucky birthday's card to high heavens which I guess send a Korean message to the driver who despite the strict schedule waited for us with the pledging and drama of my WU friends. #blessed #saved #hayayay
The WU team, ready for anything!

The zoo is one of the best zoos we ever visited. Obviously they spent a lot recreating the natural feel of each animal’s habitat, thus making it very conducive for the tenants while being safe for all visitors.

We explore the park, trying to be in all places using the cable car rides. Normal roller coaster rides didn’t excite 6 of my brave-heart friends any more. And by 'excitement", I mean this kind.

So, they lined up the 2-km queue for T-Express wooden roller coaster. #excitementpamore
The steepest wooden ride in the world, they say!

One of the brave-hearts - the husband. Me, I'm more excited in taking photos. Lol!

Top-speed is at 104km per hour at a 77-degree angle...ONLY! And the queue is that long! Of course, I’m just an ant in the park. A thumbs up and brave face won’t do justice for their experience.

 But maybe a little more hand gestures?

And dry up throat from all the screaming and drooling. Gravitational force, that is! Eeew! 

And then there are haunted houses.

But nay on screaming, dried-up throat that is! We tried the Rio experience in their 4D cinemas, instead. Like a kid.

In the afternoon, there were colorful parade and musical performances, and we literally got lost in gardens with overflowing blooms of beautiful flowers. So much amount of work was obviously done to maintain such gardens.

After the "can we make it to the bus" drama, we had dinner at Bennigans care of me. Too much excitement of the day got us stuck with wherever dinner will be. Since its Korea, American food at Bennigans is quite costly at its serving size. Not good if you plan to eat bottomless coz it served on a petite size even those good for something serving. At least I have my birthday cake care of the hubby and a tearful phone call from my son whom we left back home.

Oh, the homesickness of a mother is real!

Anyway, our cravings for more Korean products - from crispy seaweeds, hot and spicy instant noodles to eye creams and face mask made from snail extracts - were all satisfied at the Lotte Mart.

The next challenge though was how to fit those groceries and other beauty stash on our luggage already full from our previous day shopping. The day next will be another adventure before we head to Jeju on the evening.

Getting the hang of it...on our last train ride in Seoul. :-)

Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on each post. For part 7, here it is:

  • Tour Bus Fees + Entrance Fees: KRW 44,000 or Php 1982.00 per head
  • Lunch at Venizia Fast Casual Restaurant:  KRW 24,000 or P1000 per head
  • Dinner at Bennigans: Php 9000 to 16000 for a group of 11  


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