Autumn in Korea (part 8): Love Locks at N Tower by The Cats

It was foggy, it was raining, it was late afternoon and we are still on the mountain of Namsan trying to see what we can see on N Seoul To...

It was foggy, it was raining, it was late afternoon and we are still on the mountain of Namsan trying to see what we can see on N Seoul Tower.

 "Where is the yellow bus?" munch, munch
"Do you have it's plate number? Or the driver's number?" munch, munch
"Ohmygee...we'll not gonna make it on our flight to Jeju at 7:15pm." swallows fast

These were the conversation or rather panic-stricken drama on our last late afternoon in Seoul. It's another ride to chase, this time it ain't just the bus BUT it's the PLANE!

Mhaaann! How can we beat the time?

I am reversing our 4th and last day in Seoul. This is the continuation of Part 7: Everland Theme Park Visit. And I'll begin with the exciting part of our tour day #3 which is agonizing of waiting at the bus stop for our tour bus under the coldest mountain weather condition on a rainy autumn day. Brrr! As a result, stress eating of my chichiriyaTita! Hayayay! (I'll be blogging the earlier part next.)

Actually, I could just share to you how romantic it is to be at Namsan Tower with my hubby-dovey. But as if romance was just a chemical solution that evaporated into thin air, it has proven that it may just be it once presented with yet another tight situation on our bubble jackets and combat boots. Haha! For most of the day, we had visited much of the city tourists destinations very smoothly.
On a clear day photo from Tumblr (L) and our hazy take last autumn (R)
As our last hurrah, we capped our Seoul touring with this most visited observation deck in the city - Namsam Tower, which if not on a rainy and foggy day, it would have been better to start viewing the city below riding on their cable car. How exciting that would be!

Photo Credit
But since the morning was extra cold and wet and foggy up here in the mountain of Namsam, it wasn't an option for us.

When you want to get good views of Seoul, the roof terrace on the annex building of N Seoul Tower offers the great vantage point for an observatory deck. And it has been a place for couples to express their unfailing love with each other as they "lock the love" with a padlock to its fence. Like any other tourists, theCats did the same. 

And so as my other WU friends. It's like we've locked the friendship love as well on this famous fence as a testament of our togetherness forever. #mayforever

The climb up and descent back to the farthest area where buses can take us is steep and slippery.

My tips, don't wear shoes with killler heels if you're going to visit this tower.

We are still on our posing forms though when a camera is in front. Note to self: I have to learn the skills of selfie taking with my camera.

Fast forward to after an hour of taking pictures and trying to get the most of this place, we are due to leave but the bus is nowhere in sight. Ugh! We are so close to give up on our flight schedule when hubby found a glimpse of a yellow bus on the farthest and hidden parking lot some meters away from where we are. Hooray! And so, half an hour later, the bus driver managed to get us to the airport without a scratch from my scathing friend. Haha! The running 10 bulls on Gimpo Airport that I've mentioned on my Autumn in Korea guide post are real. If not bulls, maybe ostrich like - that's because we're busy to catch the plane. Phew!

The yellow bus


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