How to Explore Seoul City in a Day (Part 9 Autumn in Korea)

Hello folks! I am recovering from my momentary entertainment, that is being on a fan mode to some TV love teams of the current time...

Hello folks! I am recovering from my momentary entertainment, that is being on a fan mode to some TV love teams of the current times. Anyway, here's the continuation of Part 8, our 4th and last day in Seoul and I'm sharing our itinerary on a hassle-free touring around downtown of Seoul.

The morning is rainy and naturally colder. I was thinking of wearing a skirt the night before but with the wet ground of the downtown city, the proper shoes would be my knee-high boots which doesn't goes well with any of my skirts in bag. 

Hello, from Namsangol Traditional Garden! Our first pit-stop on an early, rainy morning at downtown. It is a part of the traditional Korean village in the middle of tall buildings in the city.

This is our last hurrah of appreciating more of K-pop culture aside from its skycraper towers and high-tech subways.

Warning: Photo-heavy post ahead. :-)

There are several ways to tour around the city. You can do your own DIY path if you wish adventure. There are maps for walk tours, which you can navigate on your own pace. Unlike the structured touring when you hire a bus, walking will be just fine if it's not raining and you have lots of time to waste. And it would employ your ability to navigate and explore the city with the use of public buses and subways.

We chose to rent a midi-bus to maximize our last city tour day. Thanks for the fantastic driving and spacious tour buses of Funtastic Travel Tour, our ride for most of our Seoul city stay.

Inside the traditional village are five restored traditional Korean houses, a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule. Ideal weather condition will give the tourist a leisure tour around the village through walking.

A stroll further inside the village got us into more of the traditional Korea. The houses were rebuilt after the traditional houses of Joseon Dynasty and belong to various social classes, ranking from peasants to the king.

Say hi to my other birthday girl friend, Yami! Our lunch is on her. :-) 
If you're lucky, you can catch to see a traditional wedding ceremony. The traditional marriage ceremony is an interesting event for both Koreans and foreigners. Visitors can take pictures with the husband and wife wearing traditional wedding costumes. There was no ceremony when were there, though.

On the ground going out, we saw some traditional crafts for exhibit. It showed more of the daily lives of the past.

After the Namsan Hanok Village, we head next to other destinations on our list:

Cheonggye Stream
Gyeongbokgeng Palace
Korean Folklore Museum
Presidential Office/cheong wa dae
Seoul N Tower

The stream was once a neglected waterway hidden by an overpass. At present, it's a haven of natural beauty amidst the busy city.

Hello from Northern Palace!

Our next exploration is the Northern Palace, the largest of all the five palaces that no matter how I'd spread my wings (literally and figuratively coz I felt like I'm flying), my left and right side is still too vacant in the picture. 

We walk further to the other palaces.

And stroll some more to the eastern gate.

My friends, the Macs, chanced these kids crossing on the street, which showed how safe their streets are for the pedestrians. A lot of space to leisurely stroll, too.

Getting more of the past, we headed to the National Folklore Musem.

And got a peek of the old days.

The wheels of time got past for us to head back to the central and commercial areas for lunch and a little more shopping. 
Credits to our devoted photographers for this tour. Thanks for the lovely captures: (L-R) my Hubs, Yami, and her hubby Mac.

And folks, I hope you got more options now with the stories I've shared, so far. I've shared earlier our photos on Love Locks by the Cats at N Seoul Tower.

That's more like how you see Seoul in a day. And that's me who had a great time and memorable autumn experience!

Up next: Jeju Island stories

We were just in time for the boarding to Jeju Island. Phew! To be continued on part 10. ;-)
Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on each post. For part 9, here it is:

  • Tour Bus Fees : KRW 300,000 or Php 12,000.00. Php 1,090 per head for 11 persons
  • Entrance Fees - free
  • Lunch - free
  • Quick snack at Gimpo Airport to Jeju - Php 600 per head 


This is a part of series of posts for my Korean tour stories. Visit each one!

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