20 Trick Art Photos in Jeju Island, South Korea (Part 10)

Hi friends! I'm doing a backlog blog again. Due to your warm reception of this series, I'm continuing the story until the very last...

Hi friends! I'm doing a backlog blog again. Due to your warm reception of this series, I'm continuing the story until the very last. That's me - faithful to my promise! For this part, I'm sharing my favorite trick art photos at Alive Museum in Jeju Island.

Am I indoor? Or outdoor? Let's see.

Trick art creates the illusion that the object is really existing and not just a two-dimensional painting. To perceive what the artist tries to illustrate, is just between the observer's assumption and the artist. Trying to discover how you can deceive others with your photos on it is the thrill in visiting these museums.

Did I deceive you on the first photo? Actually, it's real. I'm outdoor posing with those three-dimensional arts on the grounds of Alive Museum at Jeju Island, South Korea. What's inside are some of my favorites. Let me stimulate your brain with these arts.

Dinner is served. Eeek!

Oh my legs!

Spiderman or not, you've got to make it to the top to survive!

Busted by the lion!

Now, how do I get down?

Acrobatic 101

It's just one way!

When it rains

I'll save you, Hon!

Are you watching AlDub, too?

Cherifer kid

The big reveal
Back pain pose

Flat tires, mars! 
From Bali-bali Philippines!
Sole searching

He sells chisels on the seashore (repeat).

Toothpaste issue
Pabebe match (his and her neck)

Skip and hop, so the hungry hippo won't chop 

Did you enjoy our dramatic take? The building is full of trick arts with different themes. Before we get to the very last, we're already tired to pose some more. Nonetheless, it's one fun indoor activity in Jeju that you can do if the weather outside doesn't allow you to go nature tripping.

Another photo showing how intricate their arts are in this museum
From buttons, to Da Vinci?
There are even arts that are subject for debate (which is normal to us) and that needs to work/trick your brain to see the artist's concept to enjoy his art.

Looking back now, I have to admit that it's tiring to try to pose for each art. But it is never dull to appreciate the art and see if you can get the correct illusion that the artist would like you to see. It's definitely a lot of work to create all such illusions! So, hats off for their well-put museum. You'll get the value for what you pay for.

My puppet pose and a frozen face smile is an indication that I have exceeded the normal quota in posing for pictures. Lol!
But, hey! That's how artistic they are. This is just at the back of the musuem on our way out. What a bonus, right? I'm amazed with the Korean's cool arts at Alive Musuem in Jeju Island. No wonder, I still enjoy looking at our photos with my little one and test him if he can be tricked or not. *wink

Did the arts tricked you? Do you have trick art photos to share, too?

Outside the museum, the rain has passed and we're ready to explore more of Jeju.

Planning for a Korean tour? Let me give you an idea how much it will cost with breakdown of our expenses on each post. For part 9, here it is:
  • Entrance Fees - KRW 8000 or Php 330.00

This is a part of series of posts for my Korean tour stories. Visit each one!

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