Blogging Tips for A Successful Blogging Career from #Blogapalooza2015

Hello guys! There are probably a lot of things in your mind when you think of blogging. From how I started, it was just easy, no formu...

Hello guys!

There are probably a lot of things in your mind when you think of blogging. From how I started, it was just easy, no formula, or whatsoever for me. Until I became aware of some of my "unwritten" responsibilities as an online influencer. It's still surreal for me that I'm part of it and that I'm using such an adjective for myself! Ohemgee! And I have to repeat it - OH EM GEEE!!!

Okay, before I pass out writing this, I have to defend my little MIA (if you missed, me! Lol). I was really caught up recently with some major events in life that I'm not able to steal time for me and my lappy.The month that was was full of birthday celebrations, meeting deadlines at work and a busy time on school for my little one. And to add another big event for me, I've been one of the invited bloggers for #Blogapalooza2015! Hooray!

Some celebrities graced the event like Maxene Magalona for Flawless
To be part of the event, you'll have to register on their website as a Blogger or Business promoting your brand. Then they will communicate with you if you are invited. This year was about #ResponsibleMedia. And Blogapalooza is a B2B or Business to Blogger event, which is basically a meeting of clients and advertisers. 

There are lots of activities and products on the hall. Product presentations of businesses who have attended are impressive. I've met a lot and I'm happy that I'm a part of it. A little back story though, I've registered on the last day/afternoon before the event. Not that I'm too proud of it, but you'll forgive my little sarcasm here coz I'm close of missing THE EVENT! Coz I've learned this event long enough and have been the one who invited others to join. And then I thought that my other group once registered will automatically register all the members of it. But it wasn't like that so I registered WishingBelle as another entity. Luckily, I've still got time to catch it. Phew!

Okay, I've got a longer intro than I thought. Forgive people, it's the long time I've got my fingers working on the keyboard. :-)

So, what tips will I share about blogging? Here's what I've learned from an expert, Ms. Valerie Tan. Like a newbie, I was also interested and listening intently on her talk to hone my skills. ;-)

The speaker/blogger (leftmost) Ms. Valerie Tan, my MumsDailyPh partners and me

Identify who you are writing for. This is maybe one obvious rule in blogging but actually it's tricky. It takes a lot of focus and planning as well. But actually that's what being responsible in writing is all about. Before you post/share, have at least some plausible reasons why you need to do so and better yet, identify your target audience so your post will be read effectively.

This also goes to show that you've really planned well. Your other social media account is in the same brand as your blog site. If you haven't done so, there's always time to improve.

If you already have your website, it's neat and can easily be identified if you have a logo. But not all of us are techy-savvy and artistic, right? If you don't have a logo yet, and you're techy skills is just like your lolas (grandmother) hire the service of visual artists. They can easily give you one. 

And by this, I'd like to hide under the covers of my bed or pretend that I'm doing mine regularly and still spread this tip to all like I'm not a guilty pal. Haha! Well, again, life lately is so exciting that I have to make some sacrifices on my other responsibilities. For those who are just beginning, trust these words from the experts and just follow this tip!

So, yeah, keep on writing and no matter how slow things are doing, just keep going! *wink

I hope these tips will be of any help for those who are planning to start their own blog and even for some who have already started but are still lost in what they're doing. Yes, we need to be guided sometimes. But take these tips with a grain of salt. Okay? Good luck to us! :-)

And congratulations to the organizers of Blogapalooza 2015 for another successful event this year. It was a well-attended event and there are lots to learn, bloggers to meet, and giveaways to receive from generous sponsors. I hope I can join again next year!

For more of the Blogapalooza event, products we got a closer look into, watch out for our post at MUMSDAILYPH.

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