Jeju Island, South Korea Two-Day Itinerary (Part 11)

I'm into serious throwback story here. But I'm thinking of those who have second, third thoughts on booking a Jeju island trip if wh...

I'm into serious throwback story here. But I'm thinking of those who have second, third thoughts on booking a Jeju island trip if what, where, how it will be. So yeah, yours truly is raising her hand (figuratively) to offer some information.

Hello, hello!

I'm sharing ours with a major recall of how it was on the Fall of 2014. Arggh! But it wasn't hard anyway because our trip was well documented. And by that I mean tons and megabytes of photos. It took me forever to sort it, and so, thank you for your patience in following this series. Here's how we did it with all the happy memories we had there even the weather was gloomy.

You'll be the judge of how it feels like from that photo above. Haha! Maybe because it's our first time and our group is really a wacky one so the children in us has never run out of comedic relief in any situation. By the time we touchdown Jeju Island past 9:00pm after our 4 incredible days in Seoul, (story of last is HERE), our own thermostat are semi-adjusted to the coldness of Korea and have successfully differentiated that it was warmer in the island than in mainland. But it's still too cold for a tropical girl like me. The one hour drive to Yilin Pension House, our home for 2 days, was for our quick nap. But because I'm excited, napping was out of my zone and I look outside of our car window to feel the newness of my surroundings. 

Travel Tip on Accomodations in Jeju:
Deluxe hotels such as Lotte Hotel are around Jungmum resort area. For budget-friendly and big group accommodations, pensions and condominiums are also available. Book in advance and you may use the Agoda link on this site for your convenience. Link is safe, free from spam and will give you the best deals! Trust me. ;-)

First impressions - the place is quiet, rural but safe even at night. Hubbies united have to walk to some distance to buy some supplies that we need and it was just fine breezy, well-lighted, but lonely streets walking at night. 

The tour has been quiet too in our IG/FB accounts. So the million dollar question of how it was during autumn is the highlight of this part. Here's our itinerary for the two days that we stayed on the island.

I don't know how we get up early coz our first morning is welcomed with rain and thunderstorms. We cooked our own simple breakfast and started our sight-seeing with our tour guide and driver, Mr. Lee. I used my jelly flats that's perfect for the weather and touring around town.

First destination - Cheonjiyeon Falls

It's one of Jeju's top tourist attractions. Surrounded by a beautiful park, the falls boasts its 22-meter cascading water which fills the pond below. We've really gone out on a rainy weather so the beauty of Cheonjiyeon was harder to captivate that time. 

We still tried, though. 

After photo ops here and there, we head next to our other destinations which is food appreciation. Haha! Lunchtime came and we headed at this place I can only tell as an eating place along the road going to Osulloc Museum (coz I failed to get the english name of this one). They served the best mackarel and grilled black pork, so far. We've really enjoyed their food.

Try the dish with rice wrapped in lettuce or other vegetables = heavenly! We killed some more time at the backyard of the restaurant and have a feel of what life is like in Jeju.

The rest of the day was exploring more of Jeju. Here's the guide that we followed for our 2 days tour around the island. And some of it were shared on another posts. Click it away if you want to know more and see the photos.

Day 1: 

Cheonjiyeon Falls
Lunch along the road that serves black pork

Day 2:


Travel Tips on Getting around Jeju:

1. Bicycle: Bicycling is much safer here than in most of Korea. Many of the roads have sufficient room to ride along the edge, and some even have special bike lanes- not just a painted line between you and traffic, but a separate road with curbs between you and the drivers.

2. Bus: There are several buses in the city that goes along numerous destinations around the island. Most do circuits between Seogwip'o or Jungmun Resort on the south coast, stopping at various points of interest along the way. Several Jeju City buses criss-cross the city. The main bus is #100, running between the airport and the port, passing the bus terminal and most major hotels. Major hotels and tourist agencies run 1- and 2-day tours around the island.

3. Car: Several rental car agencies have various models for hire, starting from around W35,000 per half day. Book in advance for worry-free getaway.

And as I've always shared at the end of each posts, here's the expenses we had for the 2-day touring around the place.

Car rental: KRW 200,000 for 8 hours; KRW 400,000 for 2-days for 10 pax 
or Php 1,700 for 2 days per pax
Meal for the restaurants per pax: KRW 24,000 or Php 1000
Entrance Fees (@ 0.04 KRW to peso forex):
Alive Museum - KRW 8000
Cheonjiyeon Falls - KRW 2050
Jusangjeolli Cliff  - KRW 1600
Love Land - KRW 8000

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