5 Long Commute Survival Tips for the Titas and Titos of Manila

Fact: Mega-commuters, like me, are staying a quarter of the day on the road. Long commute from work to home for the city people is a ser...

Fact: Mega-commuters, like me, are staying a quarter of the day on the road. Long commute from work to home for the city people is a serious problem. When leaving early or giving more allowance to travel no longer applies, a day won't just be enough to cover everything and still get enough energy for the life after work. It's a serious situation where everyone on the road doesn't know anymore how it will get a pretty solution SOON!

Hay naku! And that's the best hugot sigh I can only think of to describe everything.

So, when moving closer to work or changing jobs is not yet an option, here are the solutions I have crafted with the inspiration of my wacky busmates.

1)  READ BOOKS. This is one sure way to pass the time effectively. Learning something new through reading books - printed or digital or maybe listening to audiobooks, will surely lessen that dreaded commuting. And because we like free things, here's one FREE app where you can download to your devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry) anytime - OverDrive.

I often use my commute time in drafting some of my blogs here. Or just capturing a photo of something interesting along the road. Shutter bug or just a strong urge to fight boredom, there are changes on your surroundings that will fascinate you if you look at it on a creative perspective. Random things in Instagram, checked. When I have posts like it, alam na. *wink

3)  SINGING and SLEEPING. Okay, sleeping isn't new. I, for myself, mastered the skills. But recently, these guys have made the sleeping more of a reward by bringing in some "valuable" entertainment to the table. While on commuting, we don't just turned on the radio. My shuttlemates mastered the radio commercials and made it an unplugged session every afternoon. Very original mashed up. I should learn that Snapchat to walk you through my cray-cray survival stories. It would definitely be an entertaining and interesting podcast!!! LOL.
Up to no-good smiles from these boredom busters.

4) APP IT UP. Speaking of singing, there is an app for the iOS that will help you sound not completely terrible if you terribly need some tuning boost. Haha. Have you tried the Glee Forever! app? It's not a free app but has very minimal charge.

5)  GAMING. Well, kids-state-of-mind on us will help beat the waiting time. Dullness will surely lessen when you're so engrossed to something as easy as slicing as many fruits in a split second as you can (Fruit Ninja) or finding as many clues as possible in a matter of half a minute to solve a crime (Criminal Case). If you haven't been hooked on some entertaining games yet, asked your kiddo or younger siblings/nephews/nieces. They know what to prescribe!

And that's defying the Titas and Titos mood swings so we can jump to life at home the moment we step foot the front door. #AntiAuntieMoodSwingsOn #NoToBoredom

What's your survival tips to lessen boredom on commuting?

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P.S. For those who've been asking if I'm still working somewhere South because my blog site has shaped into a travel blog lately, well, this is the answer. :-)

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