Bag of Beans, Whites and Greens

I have gold on my shoes! That's something to be excited about. Well, if it isn't I don't know what is. Haha!  I'...

I have gold on my shoes! That's something to be excited about. Well, if it isn't I don't know what is. Haha! 

I'm just kidding, of course. Because I have dining review that's long overdue. I posted some photos of it on my Instagram and FB accounts that some of you have been asking me about. And so this is it - Bag of Beans in the chilly and scenic setting of Tagaytay.

There's just too many restaurants to try, but once we found a nice one, we tend to repeat over and over again. On the other hand, that same reason also keep us away from trying the other good ones and this is for those who would like to know if that one most talked about restaurant in Tagaytay is not just hyped. 

During the holidays, we were the host for our family's holiday get together that we didn't plan any out of town trip for a little rest and relaxation. We need it, definitely. Especially how the metro traffic gone from worse to worst every single day as Christmas comes nearer. After the Christmas cheers and a week long of re-heating left-overs and frying Christmas ham (which I don't regret coz they're all yum), the hubs decided that we drive down South for a change of scenery as well as to taste other food group that we've been missing. 

Such a good plan. That sounds like a good date. A good hours of traveling in relaxed roads of my beloved Manila (which is suddenly new to tell about *insert shocked emoji face and dancing girl here*). Until we reached Sta. Rosa, the nearest exit in SLEX from Manila. We started the tortoise pace once again because it seemed like the city people have moved to this side like we thought is best to do on a break. Oh boy! 

Anyway, we had a long time chatting with my mother who came with us.

The change of scenery plan was deduced to window viewing along the road. I grab some pineapples being sold along the highway and snapped photos of my surroundings. Just like what I found fruitful to do on long commute post that I've shared before.

5 Long Commute Survival Tips for the Titas and Titos of Manila

After about 2.5hours of traffic and taking road less travelled, we finally reached one of our favorite restaurant in Tagaytay. 

And the place didn't disappoint because I'm one diner who liked ambiance and food to get along well before I can really call it a dinner out (with exclamation and some heart-eyed emoji).

Bag of Beans along Aguinaldo Highway, the original one, sparkles with lights and welcomed us warmly with soft music and vibrant chatters of diners.

The house is almost full but there's still a good nook for us.

The food is superbly prepared as always.

Those seafood selections make up the most of our table because we miss it. But when the BBQ spareribs of my little guy was served, I still can't resist not to have a bit of it. Hashtag: pigging out and happy. :-)

Price of plated meals is on the average. About Php 400 to 500 for each one will be more than enough to satisfy any cravings and rumblings down under. Thanks for the well maintained ambiance, good service and delightful serving of meals from Bag of Beans. An oldie but still a goodie!

It's no surprise that this branch is still high in demand. A piece of advice for those who would like to try it for some romantic dates next month (or any given weekends) - be prepared to wait. The waiting for the food service is tolerable, though. Around 15-20 minutes isn't that much when you'll be served hot meals when it's supposed to be hot. Just a perfect time to take in the place (if you're a first timer) and took as many photos you want coz the ground is really instagrammable. 

And may I add, the indoor dining area is good for controlled air conditioning while the outdoor setup is mighty fine with the chill of the air while sipping perfectly brewed coffee with some melt-watering dessert. Your choice, but either is as good as the other. *wink

Find Bag of Beans Tagaytay at General Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay City

P.S. I was wearing shorts because the metro heat hasn't hinted me that a few hours away from manila is a lot too different. And white, they say, is the color of 2016. We're all matchy-matchy. I'd better make the most of it before it seems like I'm borrowing wardrobe from my son's girlfriend. Yaiks!


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