All-Day Breakfast Meals at Ka Tunying's Cafe: An OpenRice PH Food Review

Are you always looking for a new dining place to try? Or on the lookout for restaurants that are making buzz on social media?  It'...

Are you always looking for a new dining place to try? Or on the lookout for restaurants that are making buzz on social media? 

It's a definite yes if you're a foodie like me. I'm always on the edge of my seat and ready to go some dining places accessible just to get a taste of what's new or talk of the town. So, when Openrice Philippines invited me on their Eat's a Date event, along with MumsDailyPh and a few other bloggers, I got excited.

We visited this newly opened cafe a little northern from my region - Ka Tunying's Cafe. The cafe's marketing promotion is selling breakfast meals, whole-day long.

It hit the headlines because of its celebrity owner, Ka Tunying who made it more visible on the limelight because the cafe offers baked goodies that are really good. If you're not familiar yet with Ka Tunying, he's Anthony Taberna, a popular broadcast journalist and radio commentator of ABS-CBN.

Ka Tunying's Cafe was launched on August 2015.  Its humble begining was rooted in Nueva Ecija, where they started as small bakeshop. The Tunying's breads are a hit to the northerners and got it's success story all the way to its first stand-alone cafe along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City.

The cafe is housed in a modern two-storey building with glass walls.

The 2nd floor provides more dining spaces, which can be accessed through the stairs outside the ground dining area. I can't help but pose on their dining area with colorful paintings on walls.

Modern vibe is consistent, with a generous breezy feel on their al fresco dining set up. While the inside air conditioned dining area are splashes of mirrors and vibrant arts in canvas. Wooden chairs and dining tables make up the Filipino-style furnishings of this neat cafe.

Now, the menu. Let's see what they offer for the early birds in QC.

The Food

Breakfast all day has become popular offerings of some restaurants around Manila. It's the most important meal of the day, so for the restaurants who braved to include it in their menu, high-five for you!

At Ka Tunying's Cafe, they're serving all Pinoy choices. And my quest for something new and recommendable dishes from this dining place is in order.

Batutay, Php 195

There were 13 choices on the table that Chef Noel Hernandez presented to us, about 9 of which are on silog series.

You'll be surprised that there's that many options you can pair with an egg and their mean fried adobo rice. It's mean because it's perfectly tasty! 

Feasting on the food they served for us to taste, I casted my vote.

My top three favorite combo for the silog is the Baked Bangus, Relyenong Bangus and Batutay (Beef longsilog).

The Baked Bangus Belly (Php 225) is a surprised entree for me since I thought that the creamy cheesy toppings is too much for a carbo to blend. But the taste of its combination is just so good.

Same with the Relyenong Bangus which I didn't expect to have the taste I'm looking for in a relyeno. Perfectly seasoned relyeno with scrambled egg and adobo rice are all blending so well, no overpowering taste from one another.
Relyenong Bangus, Php 245

Beef longsilog or Batutay offers an all-tender ground beef. It's a perfect match with vinegar.

While the Lechon Belly is something new and honestly, I haven't tried that much during the event to really make me pick it among others. So, I will have to try it next time. Of course, I'm coming back because I really find the dishes I tasted all delish.

Lechon Belly, Php 295
For porridge lovers, they're offering two: Arroz Ala-Tunying and Tsamporado & Tuyo. Both good and a little big on serving size for one.

Tsamporado & Tuyo, Php 150                                                         Arroz Ala-Tunying, Php 150

For those who are curbing their rice intake, the Pandesal Platter is a must-try. But it's serving size is to share (or not). I love their bread with turmeric, no after taste of turmeric but just the fluffy right dense of a fine tasting bread. And it goes well with Spanish Sardines, Egg, Adobo flakes and Corned-beef.

Pandesal Platter, Php 195
And it's not just their food that took my approving taste buds, but also the beverages are heavenly. I'm usually just okay with any smoothies and would not remember how distinct the other from another. But their Naimas Smoothie is something that had struck a cord on my judging palate. Well done, Ka Tunying! I lurveee it. It's really masarap!

Naimas Smoothie, Php 115

For the best-sellers in breads, a must-try is their Kalabasa Ensaymada, which is cheesy and fluffy soft and the Camote Cheese Roll. Both priced reasonably and perfect match for coffee breaks and snacks.

Ensaymada Kalabasa, Php 30                                                          Camote Cheese Roll, Php 30

In summary, Wishing Belle's verdict for Ka Tunying's Cafe are:

  • Food is not your average Pinoy dishes but truly delish and worth a try; 
  • Price is reasonable; 
  • Location is accessible with free parking space;
  • Ambiance is nice and vibrant; Can accomodate groupies of 10 with maximum of 40 on the 2nd level (my approximate);
  • The dining experience is definitely a value for money.

Whether you begin your morning early or craving breakfast late at night, you'll find Ka Tunying's Pinoy breakfast food just perfect to appease your rumbling tummy. All food snaps and reviews are also available in OpenSnap app. It's the mobile app of OpenRice Philippines, a reliable go-to source for easily finding the restaurants or dishes of your choice. Find Ka Tunying's Cafe on search menu and you'll see all the details you need. The user-friendly features should help you out find the great eats anywhere, anytime!

Download these apps for free if you haven't done so. ;-)

Class picture with my friend and co-MumsDailyPh mommy blogger Yami together with OpenRice Ph Team; and the whole group of  bloggers

Thanks OpenRice Ph for inviting me! 'Looking forward for another date.



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  1. Wow, Ka Tunying's looks great! We just moved in the area, and Ka Tunying's is so near our new place. We've passed by it dozens of times but haven't gotten around to researching and trying it. That champorado and tuyo makes me want to run over there now. Haha!

    1. Good that it's very accessible from your place. Interior is nice! And their rice menu are tasty. You can can give it a try anytime!


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