The Weekend Chapter: Life & Other Things

Hello, lovelies! While January is supposed to be a month of new start and peak of energy, I'm into all time low and in very slow wri...

Hello, lovelies! While January is supposed to be a month of new start and peak of energy, I'm into all time low and in very slow writing. It's so fun! (with a tap on my back for a job well done.)

Yes, forgive my sarcasm once in a while because life as it is in the actual scale of things is larger than well, this canvas that I've called book on my 'Hello 2016 Post!'. And on my draft are tons of new posts that are half baked and not ready to be published anytime soon because I'm so splashy in the opposite direction.

But wait, I re-arranged my layout and started a new thing - tada!

I have this weekend chapter which is just timely because I figured that what I actually shared here are life besides the other side. Hello, can you hear me? LOL . Yeah, I've only posted here my weekends and holidays and it's still what it will be, unless you have some other things in mind you wanted me to write about.

Updates: I've fixed some glitches and had to change my layout again. 😉

Few weekend essentials

From a very busy 2015, I kind of felt low this time and gave me a bit of a time to reflect. I've started this year with some flu and I couldn't really get myself to do my extra curricular activities, even writing on my bed. Sometimes, I can do that because this space cures me. Boredom, for one. But I didn't know this doesn't work on aching muscles and high temperature.

To those who know me well, that's just who I am. Less drama and sleep. Oh, poor habit. But this year, I felt always sleepy. Gosh, I don't know what it is. Must be the weather. Or age? (*insert that two-toned yellow and blue shocked emoticon*) I beg to accept. But yes, there is no constant in this life but change. So yeah, my body clock is changing. And that's just what it is. Haha!

Being surrounded with green is refreshing.

On other news, we are a repeat furrents. Hooray! Sometime ago we had a pet. She's a Chinese sharpei, which let's just say, has that smell you won't forget. Haha. Bathing often could't cure that no matter what products we used on her, she still had her signature scent. And while our neighbors weren't happy, we were so responsible and did everything to make her stay with us comfortable. Fast forward to now, that storyline started a new chapter with our Golden retriever. I don't think there'll be much to report in this space about her but ocassionaly, I'm doing it on my other social media accounts. So, if you're interested on what my neighbors' feedback will be on this new one, do follow me there also. Which remind me, I need to buy her a brush. Well, this turn of events might speed me up to be back in best shape for writing and other things in life.

Beautiful garden of Pinto Art Museum which I've shared here.

This new month will be better. I can feel it. How about you? How's your fresh start, so far? *wink


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