5 Motivational Quotes To Help You Get Things Done

Frustrations clouding me for several weeks now have sunk my words for this blog deeper than before I've started this site. It too...

Frustrations clouding me for several weeks now have sunk my words for this blog deeper than before I've started this site. It took several titles but no words ever came out of me everytime I channel my few minutes of inactivity into writing. 

Scattered brain. Scattered ideas. Drama Queen.

Actually, it's more of difficult changes that has reset me into a zero-goal, way-too-comfortable zone in writing. It took awhile to revive my fingers in hitting the keypad with frenzy again to write my thoughts. There will always be times like this for me. 

If you're facing the same dilemma, next to unsurmountable excuses that's been hindering you to pursue your goal, don't despair. This post aims to boost your productivity again by inspiring you to get those huge things done.

Get inspirations.

Honestly, I'm so uninspired. I have tons to share but don't know how to start coz there's a lot of things going on in my mind that needed full attention. But then I realized that I'm being hard on myself and that's not just the way to get things done. Then I seek inspirations. And while words are inanimated, positive words are strong mood-drivers that got me productive.

I'm sharing now my five favorite inspirational quotes. It helped me feel optimistic and enabled me to act on getting stuff done so I hope these words will do the same to those who needed them.

Getting stuff done is to make a conscious effort to do it.

Just don't be lazy.

Take action.

Prayer is a powerful tool to help you get into that mood.

Meditate. And let the power of a Higher Being lift you up to become hopeful again.

For those who had lived a purposeful life, they have learned how life can become generous.

Don't let a day pass without meaning.

There's some kind of a fulfillment you'll feel by just being productive.

Aim for it. That's the only short cut to finish line.

No matter how hard the road to success is, as long as you keep going, you'll get there.

Don't let your struggles stop you from achieving your goals.

I've broken my unproductity cycle through some uplifting quotes. How about you? Do you have other motivational sources that help you to get stuff done? Please do share.


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P.S. Majority of photos I used here are from my quick tour to Guimaras and Iloilo which happened during my MIA. It's my compromise for not keeping up my promises on sharing my recent travel stories. Be forgiving with this human, okay? *wink  (1st photo): Source

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  1. I will be thanking you for this post! I've been feeling lazy lately to finish my blog and other posts. Also, the typhoon affected it. But now, since electricity and internet is back, time to get going! All the quotes are really inspiring.


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