Best Five Breakfast Places in Manila

Do you wanna know where to get the best brekky with an ambiance on a beautiful morning while you're in Manila?  I figured, delici...

Do you wanna know where to get the best brekky with an ambiance on a beautiful morning while you're in Manila? 

I figured, delicious food + lovely restaurant interior, equals happy me and a good Instagram feeds. Shallow reason there but it takes dedication and preparation to start a productive day.

Well, I wouldn't count much on my work week but my weekends, it's a totally different deal. And because I'm a purveyor of wonderful weekends, I'd like to power it up by starting with a breakfast at one of my top five favourite breakfast places around Manila.

Here's my list of top places to rise and shine and have beautiful brekky.

1.  Early Bird Breakfast Club

An Instagram mine, Early Bird Breakfast Club is quite a lovely cage to eat breakfast even when you’re not early. There is one in Century Mall at Makati City and another one at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Distinct for its gorgeous floral wall on the inside while outside dining place at Century Mall has bright colored chippindale chinoiserrie chairs or garden iron bench. Ambiance is just so relaxing.

Quick Tip: Try their Ultimate Grilled Cheese with Roasted Tomato Soup, Adobo Sunrise or their Early Bird Signature Pancakes.

2.  Ka Tunying's Cafe

Ka Tunying's Cafe by Anthony Taberna, a popular broadcast journalist and radio commentator of ABS-CBN, hits the limelight because of its celebrity owner. Among its popular first offerings is its best quality breads. It's first stand-alone cafe is along Visayas Avenue in Quezon City, which is now a popular all-day breakfast place especially for the Northerners.

Quick Tip: Try their Baked Bangus, Lechon Belly and Batutay for the meal; Naimas Smoothie for drinks and take out some breads like ensaymada kalabasa and camote cheese roll.

3.  Rustic Mornings by Isabelo

This hidden gem in Marikina City is founded by Ms. Portia Dee-Baluyot, an advertising agent-turned-chef. The restaurant offers mouth watering breakfast along with its rural appeal. The place is full of interesting trinkets and vintage decorations, a characteristic that is true to its name - rustic. 

Quick Tip: Try their pancakes, waffle churos or the Crispy tawilis.


4.  Wild Flour

Wild Flour by Chef Walter Manzke is a modern upscale cafe + bakery with a chill ambiance. They have one along Leviste street in Makati and another one in BGC, Taguig City. The minimalist interior and open kitchen (where you can literally see from the outside with its glass walls) offers a modern LA restaurant vibe. This ambiance goes well with their selections of intercontinental yummy breakfast.

Quick Tip: Try their Wild flour breakfast of two eggs, crispy potatoes, homemade pork belly with sausage and toast, Croque Madame or Belgian waffle with Vermont mapple syrup and served with bananas and caramelized pecans.

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5.  Lartizan Boulangerie

When you find yourself in BGC, Taguig City, try this French restaurant that I love - Lartizan Boulangerie. It has a very nice tea salon ambiance with French pastries and cuisines to look forward to. Johnlu Koa of French Baker opened this beautiful dining place in Serendra, BGC.

Quick tip: Try the Lartizan's signature Mariage Freres Tea. They have 36 imported variants along with freshly baked muffins, tuna or chicken turnover and a variety of croissants.

Those are my uppers for a wonderful day ahead.  Dine with your favourite weekend people and have a memorable dining experience at any of these five best breakfast places in Manila.

Thank you for reading and 'til my next post!

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  1. I have been to Manila many times over, but I haven't been to any of these places. All of them look like a fancy good place to eat and the food looks so delicious! I wish to experience any of them soon in one of my future visits again in Manila. Thank you for blogging about this!

  2. I am not sure about the mall based restos and cafes, because malls do open up late, 10am or 11am, or do they open earlier than mall hours? So, anyway. I was wondering, with all the great places to have breakfast, how is it possible to pick five? LOL. But then again, these are the places you picked for a good reason. And if I am going to pick one over the other, I am definitely going for Rustic. Why? It is unique and it seems so cozy especially that small outdoor area.

    1. You'll be happy in any of these 5. Trust me. Hehe! And good to report that they all have free-standing stores somewhere in BGC, Quezon City and Marikina. :)

  3. We frequent Ka Tunyings cafe. It is near our place and we just love the cafe's big serving. We also love the drinks and how they present them. Good thing as well that they offer beyond all day breakfast, making their place a favorite stop anytime of the day.

  4. hmmm no.1-3 not as appealing to me but I love number 4 and number 5. The bread and meals there look classic. Rustic morning looks very homey though. I haven't been any of these places so I can't judge which is nicer than the other. Will drop by again to view information about places when I'm going to Manila in future. keep posting new and nice things!~

  5. I love breakfast! This is a good reference. I have yet to try Rustic Mornings. As for Lartizan, I did not know they have one in BGC. Their
    place looks so pretty (not to mention their food is yummy).

  6. I've tried 2 out of the 5 restaurants you featured in this blog post - Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC and Wild Flour in BGC and Makati. I love the coffee better in Early Bird and I love the thick bacon slices in Wild Flour. Have you tried Dean and Deluca? I love their coconut chia dish. May I also suggest Paul's Boulangerie? I've long wanted to try Isabelo's because of the rustic decor and overall ambiance but it's just too far from where we live.

    1. I been wanting to try Dean and Deluca, too. Good things I've heard about it so I'd like to visit it one of these days. Yes, Paul's Boulangerie in SM Aura is near our place and have tried it twice. It's really one neat place to start your day. Thanks for the reco, KT!

  7. Is it perfectly acceptable to book a holiday to Manila just to go to these restaurants for breakfast?? Maybe my bank balance would shame me but m belly would be happy! The soup and grilled cheese in the early bird breakfast club looks insanely good! And oh m lord I've never even heard of pancake churros! Churros are a relatively new thing in the UK and the Christmas market in my city do the best ever but actual pancake ones I've never seen and I'd be eager to get my hands on them! If I'm ever in Manila I'll be sure to reference back to this for all my breakfast needs!

  8. Wow. That is quite a list. It is very important to be served with delicious food while traveling. That's what adds the flavour. Love the mentioned places. Will check them out.

  9. Those were good picks Mommy Adel! Why it is that i find it funny commenting here? Was it because i feel like a syndicate, like we always joke. Gets mo na yun! Hahaha! Anyhoo, favorite ko ang early bird and bag of beans. ive been to lartizan once and it was very cozy. I wish fancy breakfast places like these exists near to my place. Masarap kumain kase pag maganda ang ambiance diba? :)

  10. I've never been to Manilla before, but it's on my list, and the Wild Flour one is definitely one I want to eat from! I've always loved sitting at a cafe, enjoying one of the best coffee and breakfast, still healthy, and working on my sh*t. Thanks for the guide! x


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