Visiting Anvaya Cove: What To Expect

Aren't we always on the lookout on where to enjoy the summer sun to the fullest? We sure have plenty of it here in the  Philippines, ...

Aren't we always on the lookout on where to enjoy the summer sun to the fullest? We sure have plenty of it here in the Philippines, even when there's constant rain for a couple of weeks now. But before summer month ended, my visiting siblings had an "official summer" vacation in the country. They took a slice of our tropical weather with a generous dose of vitamin sea. Being the wanderlust that I am, I let them see the beauty of the island thru Anvaya Cove and had some serious beach bonding with the whole squad.

That view!

With all the beautiful resorts around the island, we picked Anvaya Cove among the many because it's practically just a few hours drive away from Manila. And there is something about the place that made us want to visit and experience it. What to expect from this destination? Here's our two-day photo diary of stay at Anvaya Cove and my top 5 recommended activities while enjoying the sun

Quick Overview

Anvaya means "family" in the ancient Sanskrit language. And the place is set to hold meaningful family gatherings just like what we had. It is a seaside residential community set at the edge of Bataan peninsula at Morong, Bataan. It was developed by Ayala Lands bringing home to its visitors while caring for the environment. A 470-hectare of carefully planned land with splendid panoramas, open expanses, wetlands, abundant forests, rolling hills, structures with inviting Asian Tropical design and of course, the sea - the place is simply ideal for bringing family traditions live long. The 3-hour drive from Manila is worth it.

The Facilities

A beautiful golden sunset at the clubhouse welcomes us when we first set our happy feet out from the condo where we we throw all our bags.

And an afternoon dip is just so inviting

This resort is the perfect quick getaway for us considering everybody's availability at a limited time. Because we're a BIG family, and my siblings were arriving from different continents at various dates, I had serious issue on destinations we can reserve with 'some' flexibility. And gladly, we had our share of fun under the sun at Anvaya!

Having some catching up with my sis by the seaside. 

The rate depends on the number of guests to occupy a unit from the condos. There are 1-2 bedroom units for rental which are good for 4-6 or 10-12 pax. All units are fully furnished with full kitchen where you can cook.  It's an exclusive for members only accommodation, hence, you need to contact a member before you can reserve a night stay here.

There is a day tour within the resort, but you also need endorsement from a member. Entrance fees for the resort is separate from overnight accommodation. For weekdays, it's pegged at Php 400/pax while on weekends, it could be as high as Php 2000/pax.

My best two boys in the world!
Although the weather is hot, we still feel relaxed.

The property is well-maintained.

While the fine sands and clear water can make us lost all the time, other recreations for the whole family is everywhere around the property.

My nieces and nephew from the States are looking for some thrill over the Nature Camp
I love this stolen shot of my little one and his Kuya Toy (my nephew) by the poolside. It's clearly sunny when we're there but the place provides enough shade to make the hot sun bearable. Truly relaxing.
Cold drinking water are stationed all over the pool side.
Lounging with my sis from Canada 
Occasionally, I annoy you with this kind of pose. ;-P Just look how the water glistens! Two words - clean, swim!
A hot hat day!
My little one loving every moment under water

We had pasta and all sorts of snacks the whole day, while we had dinner at the clubhouse. Serving size is petite. There's consumable amount on the entrance fee for the resort so you'll either spend it on food for one sitting or several little snacks for the whole day.

Best Things To Try

And here's what I recommend you to do while here:

  • Spend the afternoon walking on fine white sand at the beach. The sunset and gentle waves from crystal clear water is just so relaxing. The sea is very calm and almost golden in the afternoon. Then reward yourself with a seaside massage at the Veda Spa.
  • Kayaking is fun. You can ask the staff if you need help on how to do it. Also, try to visit the other neighbouring coves with some guided tours. 
  • Try the speed boat tours for the whole family. You can check out the majestic Grande Island and be on a pristine snorkeling spot.
  • Experience their signature banana boat flips. Board the 5-seater inflatable and challenge your squad to a rodeo-challenge at sea. Oh fun!
  • Or just team up with your sisters/brothers and have fun activities by the sand like beach volleyball. 

Whatever you feel like doing, just enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand!

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