What I Like About OPPO F1s Selfie Filter

You know when they say living is an art, I must be listening very intently then. I feel it that way and TRY to live mine that way. If yo...

You know when they say living is an art, I must be listening very intently then. I feel it that way and TRY to live mine that way.

If you follow me on social media, you'll see a bunch of my artistic take about my life. Yes, I'm a guilty gal here of shooting about myself often, in artsy fartsy way. How my days are, my travel stories, my dining choices and wonderful experiences are my daily artwork shared on social media. I'm doing a lot of selfies - literally and figuratively. Not that I'm obssessed about myself but more of getting across my messages with a personal touch. My candid take about life and how I express it is just about how I see it thru my lens.

In a plethora of creative posts all around the web, I wonder how I still get noticed and have loyal followers. With the world being busy everyday with visual feasts, I feel lucky to have a slice of that community's attention and get multiple hearts for my posts. :)

Thanks to the invention of good cameras.

About that, I've heard recently about OPPO F1s camera. It's a real-deal selfie expert on a mobile phone. Imagine using a heavy camera everyday to capture beautiful moments in life. Now it can be condensed into a gadget where you can shoot it on your ripped jeans' pocket. Cool, right?! And here's why I think OPPO F1s camera is my next go-to mobile phone.


The 16MP Front Camera of OPPO F1s uses a front beauty camera with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and an F/2.0 aperture. Okay, forget about the technicalities. In layman's term it just allows more light to enter the camera and enhances its sensitivity. Result? A natural-looking selfies even in low-light conditions. So, nighttime or even daytime with a gloomy sky, selfie is still superb.

The OPPO F1s has beauty filters, too. And that's capturing the best looks only.

Now, the filters. This is what I'm excited about. I love Instagram! I'm such a fan of people who have great photography skills and professional looking pages. How to do that even if it's just a phone photography? One of the keys is using great filters. And OPPO F1s has 7 built-in filters that can be used in an instant.

7 Filters You Can Use in an Instant with OPPO F1s 
(from left uppermost to right lowermost):

  • Soft
  • Mono
  • Fade
  • Café
  • Shine
  • Candy
  • Bright
Recently, I'm experimenting on bringing an IG-worthy feed and I'm trying to curate my tiles very well by using different filters. I would probably be using Café filter more often. It got to be my favorite since I always want a picture with clean colors and lighting.

The other filters like Fade will look good as well since it will enhance more of the facial features and simplicity of the photo. Mono is something like a clean filter with just the black and white color. It will give the classic feel.

But wait, there's more! Haha.

OPPO F1s has Selfie Panorama, too. This feature let the users simply rotate from side-to-side to take a wide-angle selfie. The F1s automatically stitches together the photos to make the whole squad get in the shot! Now, everybody in a groupie gets to see their faces as clear as a day, too. It's really a selfie-expert!


Oppo F1s' rear camera is 13MP imaging chip which has 1/3.06-inch sensor. Again, don't get intimidated with that specs. It just allows to maximize light sensitivity, making for wonderful nighttime performance. Large pixels means clear and detailed photos!

There's just so many good things I've heard on this phone.

Other features include a 5.5-inch screen, dual SIM plus an individual SD slot, a snappy touch access and 3GB RAM which means faster than ever!

Now, the outer appearance which may be just a deal breaker for the male or female users - it comes not only in gold and rose gold but OPPO F1s is now available in limited edition space gray, too!

Convinced to have one for yourself? This part is what you should be sharing with Santa. Haha! Price starts at Php 12,990. You may check offers on online shops like Lazada or Abenson.

And I'm sharing it to my Santa, too. *wink*

Because life captures will be as artsy and as easy as "1, 2, 3 click!'" with OPPO F1s Selfie Expert!

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  1. Hi, nice post. It naturally follows that you would like to take a closer look at the Oppo F1s. It is being marketed as a selfie camera, which I think is a good marketing strategy for the company. So as long as it works and fits your need, then it's all good.

    1. A lot of good phones now are coming out. It's really confusing but having a good camera phone is one deal breaker for me :)

  2. A number of my friends use Oppo F1s. I was able to try the unit myself and I like its camera features as well. I was also impressed with its easy commands and gestures. Truly, technology now is improving and most gadgets are becoming so sophisticated.

  3. i have seen this phone's ability and i am pretty impressed by it... i would love to use this phone , given a chance.... right now i am also in love with my own phones... the huawei mate 8 and the honor 8.. they are also good...

    1. There's too many good camera phones now. Thanks for sharing yours, Miera!

  4. Interesting! I've actually been hearing a lot about this phone. Mostly good stuff. About the camera and the price. Seems reasonable :D So many smart phones to choose from these days!

  5. Oppo is making rounds in social media about how great the selfie game this phone has. I guess they are really revamping their selfie game for the consumers. A very competitive strategy for the other manufacturers. Great way to catch the users. :)

    1. It's the reign of the selfie squad. Haha!

  6. I truly love this phone model as well. I don't own it, but my office mate has this phone and we always had our selfie moment in the office using her phone. I sincerely agree that this phone has all its way to really bring the art of a photo. I really plan to buy one to give it to my mother as my Christmas gift to her.

    1. Nice gift! She'll definitely have lots of selfie posts on her FB account (if ever she has). Lol!

  7. Wow! I love to use filters too esp when I posting in my IG. Have been searching for this OPPO phone model reviews as I am thinking to purchase it. Why this model because it got high pixels :) Thanks for sharing more about this OPPO phone model! Will check it out soon. Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  8. I ain't bitten by the selfie bug so much yet. However when it comes photos, I'm definitely bitten by the shutterbug and was recently doing some research about phones with good cameras that can shoot really well even in low light. I guess Oppo F1S fits the bill here. I'll go and check it out at the store for sure.

    Nicely reviewed. Thanks.

    - Pixellicious

    1. Yes, it fits the bill just right. Have to be really choosy now to make the most out of the gadgets. :)

  9. Wow, the phone looks really good! I might get this for my next one! It looks great for taking selfies and anything for a quick upload (versus a DSLR). The filters look good too! Happy New Year!

    1. I'm also guilty for not using my DSLR more than my phone camera. It's really about the quick upload nowadays. :)

  10. I'm suppose to get a phone last month as a gift to myself, and to compliment my Lumia (one of the best camera phones built by Nokia).

    I ended up buying nothing yet bec. of the so many options-- Oppo f1s, Asus, Huawei P9, iPhone7+, Samsung, etc.

    Will take a closer look at this phone and check on the camera shoot out reviews from time to time, hopefully, I'll be able to decide w/c brand to replace my windows phone.


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