A Luxury Staycation at Ascott BGC Manila

Time flies so fast, especially when you're having fun. *sigh It's been one good time when the husband booked my birthday weekend ...

Time flies so fast, especially when you're having fun. *sigh

It's been one good time when the husband booked my birthday weekend at one of the country's luxury hotel in Ascott Bonifacio Global City Manila. I know this is super late. But how was it to stay on a city hotel from someone within walking distance is one of the reasons why I'd like to share it.

The hotel is one of the sparkling gems of Metro Manila's newest progressive city, Bonifacio Global City. Ascott Bonifacio Global City Hotel is a lavishly styled apartment with all the contemporary necessities and furniture, space and elegance that makes it fit for a sophisticated global city living. In short, it's a fancy hotel stay and I'm being spoiled.

However given its location, I'm thinking like if it will be worth it to spend a chunk of our resources especially when we can drive home in a blink of an eye. Of course, that's a total false statement with the traffic conditions of the metro. What I'm trying to say is the view is nothing new to me so we'll be just paying for the room service of a hotel at a tag price of almost USD 230 a night.

Hotel staycation once in awhile is a thing to splurge on for me. I'm always rewarding my wanderlust because that's me. That feeling when you want to get pampered or just a break from the usual, that's so me. And so, my hubs knows best how to make my birthday a happy indeed. I'm just weighing how to spend same amount to somewhere else with more takeaway. But, he left me no option since it's already confirmed and cancellation would still require him to pay 100%.

We drove off to the hotel. The entrance is also a blink-and-you'll miss it kind of thing with that side of BGC we're all skyscrapers are and not much of vehicular or foot traffic are. In fact, there's constructions underway at front.
That's me when I'm unexcited. 😂😂

THE ROOM (without a view)

Okay, if you're about the view when you peep thru the windows of your room, I totally understand if you'll leave me now on this post. I have nothing to tell you about any view having said that the hotel is in a corner of BGC with construction still going on. By luck, we had ours at THAT side. Well, there's really not much of a difference. The only view that my roommates can see is ME. Haha! By the way, I'm with my hubs and son on this particular weekend.

Here's a photo collage of what's inside our room. And I almost forgot, this is a not so ordinary hotel but a LUXURY one.

Our room has a king-sized bed and comes with a living space, a dining area, a kitchen fully furnished with cooking equipment and utensils, and a bathroom.  There's a flat TV, a hairdryer, flat iron, washing machine, coffee maker, microwave oven and the welcome fruit platter! Of course, not in the same place like I jumbled it as if I saw it all on the table. Haha! They are in orderly fashion and having a neat corner for everything.

As my little one checked all the cabinets and drawers, like he's going to rob a cash register (LOL), I've checked my favorite place of the room to luxuriate - the bathroom!

The shower, the shiny mirrors, the TUB. Oh, the TUB! And the complete set of toiletries - I can live here!


There is a pool on the 8th floor with a bar where you can socialize or just relax with chill music while swimming.

We were on a not-so-peak season which makes the place almost exclusive. This is where we enjoyed most of our early evening. Discussing about just anything, listening to the music, laughing with my two boys' silliness, swim or just relax. It was a good time!


There is no better stay in a hotel than to be fully pampered. And that is having to be served with well-curated, stylishly presented food on your table.

There is a free breakfast buffet for us and we had our family time at the table. The food is fine but nothing much of an ordinary. So much for my expectations. Anyway, there is also a thing or two that I felt it be worth to mention on this review.

One, if there's more oriental choices that they'll add on their buffet, it will be a lot better. The selection are simple but the quantity is enough as I see guests coming later and almost towards the last half hour of their time slot, but they can still serve them enough. So, that's a positive. The only thing is that there's not much to choose from.  

The other thing I've noticed though, is the general mood of the staff. Although the place is quite lovely, there is something lacking on their service. I don't know if it's just me or what but I find them non-too-jolly and somehow disconnected. There is of course a distinction of formal interaction but there is also a thing about having a warm welcoming service. Something that you can feel on the room even without getting chatty. What I felt was, there is a general slacking on the service. 

Anyway, it may be just that one weekend but it will be good to dine on a place where you feel like it was served with love, ayt? *wink 

When planning to stay in Manila and in a luxury hotel, I can say that Ascott BGC delivers, however there's a mention of those tiny things to improve on. Advantages weigh more with all the mentioned amenities above plus it's also in a prime location. Within walking distance are other establishments worth visiting to explore and taste better of what Manila can offer thru its variety of restaurants, shopping malls, entertainment center for kids like The Mind Museum, Active Fun and Kidzania Manila. And since it's in a financial district, main offices of most companies are also within reach.

And that's how I find my luxury staycation at Ascott BGC Manila. At the end of the day, I'm a happy staycationer waiting for another oasis to cherish even it was just a stone's throw away destination.

Have you been to any of Ascott Hotel branch? Tell me how's your experience.

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  1. I've stayed a few times in the Ascott Makati (most recently during the sem break season last Sept-Oct), and I found it to be a good stay, albeit limited with the food choices. I should like to try the experience in the BGC branch, being newer and all. I enjoy staycations myself, and consider them a worthy investment. Great review, by the way!

    1. Good to know you've enjoyed your staycations, Glamomamas! Yes, BGC branch has new offerings to enjoy.

  2. Oh I love a good staycation! The room looked gorgeous! That tub, right? I hope you got to enjoy it! Your little man looked to be having fun.

    It's disappointing to hear about the staff - that's always an important part of a hotel stay, you want to feel like they are happy to be there with you otherwise it can put a dampener on the experience!

    1. Yeah, it gets a little disappointing if there are staff who are not on their best mode of service.

  3. I have never stayed as Ascott in the Philippines, pero whenever I go abroad, that is one of my top choices. I like service apartments and Ascott is right up there for me. I must have stayed at Ascott Shanghai ten times... for instance. Great choice.

    1. You travel a lot, Sir. I'm jealous you've been to Ascott Shanghai many times! 😊

  4. The hotel looks great! I've never stayed in an Ascott hotel. But it looks wonderful. The room is so spacious. I love staycations. I love it that there's a pool as well! Sorry to hear there's something lacking in the service. I really do think that's very important!

    1. Yes, the room is spacious and had a great stay. I might be too observant to have found something lacking on their service. Lol

  5. My husband loves doing this! going to stay over night in a hotel, even it its five minutes from home! for me its more of a hassle cause I have to pack "for nothing". I give in cause the kids love it as well so if they are happy, I just roll with it. I have my musthaves when we do this. Either two big beds or an extra bed. There e is no way Im going to a hotel "just for fun" and have to sleep four to a bed! I also like it if the food is good cause when its not good then its just a waste!

    1. You're right to have those requirements on your staycations. That's what we're paying for, something of value for our money. I've generally enjoy staycations on hotels and Ascott is one good choice whilst food has few choices.

  6. The hotel does look pretty awesome. I like the cleanliness around the place and it is just amazing to spend a weekend here.

    1. Yes, it's clean and comfortable. Good to spend a weekend on this hotel. :)

  7. I love staycations! My husband and I used to live in Subic and we'd make it a point to stay in hotels whenever we're in Manila - I'm afraid I got a little bit spoiled because of this so now we still schedule regular hotel stays even though we're back in the Metro. We find it super convenient especially when we have an event somewhere close - with the traffic situation it's actually more practical to stay within the vicinity than to travel all the way back to our house sometimes. Anyway, I've never stayed in Ascott. It looks lovely - love the gray, neutral interiors. And I love that it somehow has that resort-feel so you can kinda forget that you're in the middle of the city.. Will definitely check this out. Thank you!


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