How Does Travel Makes You Richer

Hello weekend! By the time you’re reading this post, I'm probably bundled up and snapping pictures of another place I want t...

Hello weekend!

By the time you’re reading this post, I'm probably bundled up and snapping pictures of another place I want to see. I'm from a thirty-something-degree-Celsius kind of weather, hence I'm excited to freeze in the cold!
I’m often asked why I am always traveling. Underlying a connotation of how I could afford it without getting deep into debt. 

We often hear people saying that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. I wonder the truth behind it when going away and exploring places no matter how near or far cost money and our time. 

As for myself, I often just smile or deny to subdue the subject or make small talk about the recent place I’ve been to but I couldn’t remember if I did answer that question truthfully. Especially that nobody dares to ask the financial factor just yet.

Well, today I might give you my answers that you'll agree or disagree with. But it doesn't matter. Because there is only one thing we have in common -  a life to live by our own how to's. 

This is a guide for those who would like to live a richer life by exploring a place away from home at least once in their lives.  

1. Travel educates you.

I remember my son two or three years ago. He’s very hesitant in learning to ride a bicycle. He developed fear from falling with the first small bike we bought for him when he was younger and whatever pep talk my husband and I give him, he stay firmed not to do it again. 

While we were on a vacation somewhere north mid of last year, there are bicycles at the resort and he tried the kiddie bike – those with two guide wheels. It felt good at first until he decided to become fearless and tried a steep terrain. In a flash of a second I saw him made another fall again. 

But somehow that turn of event overcome his fear and had the courage to do it again. It gave him confidence that when he received our gift of a new bike for him, he learned in just 3 hours. 

It’s a long story out from a travel and there’s a lot I can tell. But the idea is when you travel it teaches you life lessons that may seem daunting at first but becomes less unknown thru experiences and inspirations a new place can give. 

It’s true that you can also learn thru published articles or what you've heard from other people about a place. But seeing and experiencing it is a firsthand learning experience that money can’t just buy elsewhere. 

It does not just save you from spending more on other things to discover new things but it also makes you smarter because in order for you to get to any point, you will learn a lot. And gives a lot of take away, too. 

2. Travel challenges you.

Challenging myself on planning a trip is where the excitement of traveling is. While we’re not short of challenges and stresses from our daily grind, pushing yourself a little more in going away to have a time off from the usual is an enriching experience. 

It enhances your creativity and develops your mental and physical strength to think and act out of the box especially during unforeseen events.

Challenges in traveling have its many forms. You'll navigate a city you've never been to and where signage are not in English nor it's a common language for communication; missed your bus for your flight to next destination; get a last minute notification that your hotel room for the night was gone; or jump off a cliff to cross China sea on a zipline trusting that you'll stop on time before you crash to the boulders on the shore. 

Travel will push your limits, widen your horizons, learning more about yourself and capabilities to adapt quickly and smartly to whatever situation demands of you to do. 

It's when you're out from your daily routine and where comfortability has to be pushed that you'll truly gain more and shaped up to become a better you. 

3. Connects you to new friends, network. 

Meeting new friends and reconnecting with those you've hardly seen for ages because they've moved to another country are something enriching that travel can only give. 

I often tease my husband that there's always someone who knows me wherever we go that it would be hard for me to become anonymous. Kidding aside, we must have something in common that's why we establish a connection, no matter how long that connection lasts. 

Wherever you are, you'll surely find another person that's aligned with you even for just that moment. It's  life's treasure that give positive impact that money can't just buy. 

Connecting with people is a beautiful thing that you'll learn to value because a time shared with you with more and more different individuals all over the globe is something special. You'll grow, you'll see life in a different perspective and appreciate more of your life. 

4. It's a life investment that gives you memories to keep. 

You cannot just buy happy memories. 

For those who travel know this very well. I have a conscious effort of finding my purpose in anywhere I go, I could not just book everything I fancy just for the sake of traveling. 

Before I invite the idea of exploring that place to myself, there is something which will made me want to invest my resources in it. Reasons may vary from as simple as seeing a new place and appreciating its beauty or getting new inspirations to help me deal with challenges and stresses in life so I won't burn out. In all of those reasons I have on my head, it always sums up to giving me happiness and memories that can last a lifetime. 

It's an investment for me like a sports activity that will make one healthier or an education that will give more knowledge. 

It's something that makes me happy, healthier and gain confidence to face life challenges. It's one of the greatest reason why I travel because I ought to be in shape for the people I love. 

Exploring places teaches you a life with a frame - you go away with a goal and come back home as a changed person with more experiences and memories to share. 

Hopefully it will always bring home with you more happiness and hope for the people you love as much as it does to me.

5. You're living a dream that's greater than owning material things.

Like memories to keep and life skills learned, travel gives you fulfillment and nobody can just rob that away from you. 

I've found this passion fulfilling and on the monetary side, travel is now affordable. You don't need to own a private jet or fly first class just to explore new places. Be smart and be creative to fulfill your travel goals. Live a life that is beyond ordinary! :) 

What are your thoughts about travel as an enriching activity?  Do you think it will help you grow as a person? I'd love to know why or why not. 

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  1. Yes. I used to work in thr travel industu and my boss would always say, Travel is the only expense that makes you richer. 😊

  2. I agree that travel indeed makes life richer. It's literally going out of your comfort zone, learning new things and adapting to new environments--all of which serve to improve you as a person. And the saving up for the trip is already a challenge in and of itself. Haha. Cheers to more happy travel memories! ^_^

  3. It's one of the greatest gifts that a parent could give to their child. (IMHO) My mom used to bring me to her workplace and I'd enjoy it. I enjoyed being there, walking around and interacting with people. Not only that but traveling is an eternal adventure. Merely going to work is a travel, but we get tired with it because of the traffic that is present. So I do hope I could get to travel a lot this year even though just domestically!

  4. I absolutely agree with the thing that travel makes us richer and I want to do the same like you.

  5. I like to travel because during the trip I learn a lot of new things that help me live and work much easier and more interesting.


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