Summer Destination With Santorini Vibes

Oh, summer and Santorini! How do I begin with this beautiful combo? I'm dreamy again, being all Wishing Belle on this usual hot M...

Oh, summer and Santorini! How do I begin with this beautiful combo?

I'm dreamy again, being all Wishing Belle on this usual hot Manila weather. I'm dreaming of the whitewashed buildings, the contrast of bright blue doors, the breathtaking view and fantastic restaurants – all within my site and feel. Those were in my imagination of this beautiful place I wish to see one summer.

Somebody says that there's power in dreaming big. That big that is somewhat outrageous, nearly unrealistic and overwhelming, which felt like your heart will burst with excitement whenever you think of it. Santorini in Greece is one of the places on my travel goals that do just like that – a crazy heartbeat for me.

I never thought it could be within reach. One fine weekend, my BIG dream has a preview - a sneak peek of what I'm wishing dearly in my heart. I woke up to somewhere like one of the famous Greek villages in Santorini. And I intend to overshoot such that I have plenty of visual memories to have forever.    

Photos are extension of our dream that materialize or in the process of realization. In my case, I felt like the bigger dream of coming to Greece is a realizable pursuit and even more exciting with a preview of what I should be expecting with our own version of Santorini.

Good thing that nowadays, there's superb phone cameras that can help you capture BIG moments in your life! Front or rear camera, OPPO F1s offers something you may not resist. 

  • It’s the front beauty camera that makes it a selfie expert with its 16MP, more light and enhanced sensitivity setting. It has filters to choose from and with Beautify 4.0, you are guaranteed for your very best look. That photo wherein the natural beauty in you is captured and not at all looking very much edited. 
  • Rear camera features an industry-leading imaging chips that means, bright or dim light - you'll get beautiful pictures.

It's not everyday that you'll be walking in your dream destination so there must be a good camera to capture rare moments. OPPO F1s delivers that to you in gold, rose-gold or gray platter!

In case you forgot, it's a smartphone with dual 4G SIM holders that supports top speed of about 150Mbps. It has 3GB RAM and octa-core 64-bit processor for faster, multi-tasking switching of activities with your phone. I know the features can be intimidating and let me try to simplify those for you.

How will OPPO F1s support your Dream Travel Destination?

When you're trip is on a remote province, I know how it's like to be without cellular signal. It's next to impossible that your phone can even pick up free WIFI connection. Aside from the challenge or zero chance of sharing your best day ever with your #atm updates, you can't deny the fact that it's one important tool to navigate. With the travel apps on your mobile, shortest and fastest distance to your destination is just a click from your mobile phone if you can access the Internet.

The dual SIM feature comes in handy giving you two options of cellular networks where you can choose which one will give your connectivity needs to the world. An additional tray for a memory card is even added that expands storage by up to 128GB.  Way too cool, right?

With the speedy processing of OPPO F1s, you can open all the apps for your map and direction needs and play the music at the same time! 

Aren't those features enough to make your far away dream summer destination just a walk in the park? I really should have one also on my next summer adventure with my favorite summer destination.

About that, now let’s chat about my dream summer destination.

SANTORINI: My Dream Summer Destination

Santorini is considered to be one of the most sought-after-place for a romantic getaway in Greece. Popularity, very high! Why? The world is fascinated with the white washed, blue-picket fenced buildings of its villages sitting on a C-shaped island and contrasting the exquisitely blue Aegean sea. I dreamt of this destination for it’s luxurious appeal and the fact that there could be not much places in the world perched on the rim of an active volcano in the middle of the sea! 

It's a love at first sight when I first saw a hotel with the same Grecian theme from I've learned that this new hotel has just opened early last year. And when we planned to drive North, I knew that I had an opportunity to experience Santorini, even it's just the feels. :)


Our very own Santorini is an exclusive luxury accommodation seated on the mountain cliffs and overlooking a breath-taking view of the Santiago cove in Ilocos Sur. The clusters of white houses lining thru the mountain and contrasting the water are just so adorable. We were there nearly before sunset and what we experienced is nearly magical!

Here's a little know how's for those who are looking for Santorini-inspired destination for the family this summer - Vitalis Villas is definitely a slice of Greece!

How to get there

From Manila, getting to Santiago is relatively not far since it’s one of the first towns you’ll pass by as you enter Ilocos Sur. There are two options:

1.     Commuting from public transportation, it’s easy from Manila with Partas bus in Aurora Blvd. going   to Laoag or Vigan. It’s approximately 6 hours trip. Get off to Santiago bayan. Advance reservation is a must. Once you’re in Santiago proper, take a tricycle to get you to Vitalis Villas.
2.   Using private vehicle, Santiago town is almost 6 to 7 hours with multiple stops. We used Waze and Google map to locate our destination. It’s an easy drive, but there were a lot of road improvement constructions so there are a few 10 to 15 minutes traffic within the province.

Transportation Expenses

Commuting from Manila: Partas Bus from Cubao – Php 585.00/pax (one-way); Tricycle ride – Php 25.00 (estimate only); Two-way total per head ~ Php1230

Using private vehicle:
  • Toll fee - Php 1200 for 2-way using NLEX and TPLEX
  • Fuel consumption - Php 2200-2300 premium gasoline for Honda BRV (I'll talk more on this on a separate post)


Their official web listed at least four types of accommodations. There are one-to-two bedroom villas, villas with pool access and junior suites. You can feel right at home with its fully furnished units – spacious bedrooms with comfortable bed and whitest and cleanest linens, a luxurious toilet and bathroom, a dining area and equipped modern kitchen. 

For updated rates, check online here and here

While the real thing has to wait, looking through my photos of that wonderful Ilocos trip made me more grateful for my family for driving me and being with me to experience Santorini even for a short time. The Santorini-inspired hotel in Ilocos and OPPO F1s has something in common - they are both meticulously designed for my own liking! They both raised the bar of what a dream summer destination could be - something that makes life living and expressing to the fullest! 

P.S. Grab OPPO F1s on your upcoming summer vacay for good photos! 


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  1. I think my eyes just popped when I saw your photos of the place. I really thought you were in Santorini. Oh my god I have to go there! I'm sorry, I know this post of yours is about the Oppo (great photos taken by the phone by the way), but I can't keep calm and all I want to talk about is the place that you went to. I am now going this link to my friends because there is no way I wouldn't go there! Santorini is one of my dream destinations too that's why this got me real excited!

    1. Haha! That's what this place can do to me, too! Thanks, Marjorie! :)

  2. Was wondering if what you're mentioning is Vitalis Villas until I read it in your latter part. I still haven't been to Greece but I would love to have a taste of it. How I wish you took more photos of the place. I would love to see more of it including the rooms. Santorini is in our bucket list too.

    1. Thanks for your interest. I gonna do a separate posts perhaps. :)

  3. I just want to get to the beach with my kids for the summer. I'd love to visit this place though with someone special. It's so picturesque. I love my OPPO F1s. It takes the best pictures whether it's a sunny day or in a dim room.

    1. That OPPO F1s feedback is good to hear, Louisa. Hope you and your kids will have a fun summer vacation at the beach!

  4. I have been thinking of going somewhere too, but I do not know where to go. I do prefer obscure destinations... then again, when I think about it, any destination, any place, is special when there is someone to share the experience with. Regardless, moments need to be captured. As much as I love dSLR, camera phones are more practical now.

    1. Yeah, any place is special when you're with your special someone. Phone cameras are just too practical in taking photos - being easy to operate and share. In blogging, it's our little helper. But memories even for just your private viewing, should be of good quality and easily accessible. I guess it will take a long while before we can invent another gadget that will replace superior functionality of mobile phones now. :)

  5. I have also been dreaming of spending an entire week or month in Santorini, and I am determined to make it come true. I agree that more and more camera phones nowadays can be used to capture great photos, even in low light and they are more convenient to use than DSLR.

    1. Thanks, Claire. Stay high with your dream until it comes true!

  6. Phone cameras are so good to use while traveling. It's handy and quick to take a photo. With the iphone 6s I use, my pictures are good enough. Although I love bringing my bigger camera with big lens to take the perfect shot from a bit more further away.

    1. Thanks, Sabine. It's a lot easier to carry the phone and just shoot, right? :)

  7. Wow 128 gb of storage was awesome, you can shoot pictures and videos a lot with those and they place was immeasurable, it's super nice, thankyou for the detailed expenses, so helpful

  8. Little Santorini!!! I've always wanted to go to the legitimate place in Greece, but I guess staying at the former would be just as amazing! I've been hearing plenty of good things about Oppo F1s, and I guess from your photos, they had much to go by! Love that the phone is 16MP already but really affordable.


  9. It's always handy to bring smartphone with good camera when traveling. I prefer bringing one that that SLR or any digi cams, plus it's easier to snap photos. I have read so many good reviews about Oppo F1s and would love to get one myself. I'm so jealous with your photos. And Santorini, too.

  10. Superb photos of this beautiful destination. Now one more destination added in my places-to-visit list. During travel, mobile phones come handy especially in taking pictures nowadays. I love mobile photography too. There is so much to explore. :)

  11. If you can imagine it, if you can dream it up, you can do it for sure. Keep going.

  12. Unfortunately, I have not been to this place yet, but your article has revealed a few nuances that should be taken into account when planning a trip.


Thank you for your comments!

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