Taipei Getaway: Chasing Cherry Blossoms

Hola! Cherry blossoms season has begun. It's springtime (or summer for us)! We were a bit early for Sakura season in Taipei, bu...

Hola! Cherry blossoms season has begun. It's springtime (or summer for us)!

We were a bit early for Sakura season in Taipei, but nonetheless, we're on its cherished first stage of blooming. Why is it being obsessed? Surely, I am one swooned gal over a cherry tree awash with pink tiny blooms when I saw it. 

It was perfect winter weekend and I'm one cheerful traveller who bravely combat the cold water on the shower that morning. More of adrenaline rush than excitement,  I momentarily forgot to set the water to lukewarm, having a big goal of being ready in a flash because were 2 hours later from our alarm clock's wake up cue. Okay, it's not a very awesome way as start for these first-time-tourists in Taipei!

Previously, I blogged about visa-free entry and early morning arrival.
 I've accounted how our time went off from airport to checking in at Ximen Hotel before we can call it a day. It was already morning of the day next. Naturally, we slept like an infant. Except that mouth is slightly open, with bold snoring and occasional drooling. Who cares? We're both in coma. I intended to wake up 3 hours later to start prepping at 7:00am but was only awaken at 9:00am when our great hostess is at the door of our hotel.

Oh my gosh! Well, less of embarrassing life stories. Let me share more of our very first cherry blossoms experience in Taipei.

Cherry Blossoms are not just pretty flowers to look at. They have deep symbolism for the countries like Japan and where its genus has actually spread like Taiwan. Other countries where one can enjoy it is here.

Its fleeting existence, makes it’s blooming more revered to celebrate its beauty and a reminder that life is beautiful but short. Predicting its appearance is devotion that majority of us may not be aware of or not keen of knowing because life is always on the busy lane to stop and smell the flowers. Well, do you know that scientists spend the pain of undertaking complicated mathematical equations just to predict its first bursts?

Such devotion is heard most popularly from the Japanese. And they held it with pride to forecast the exact arrival of the very first cherry blossoms festival.

The flowers are delicate.  One can only have a window of around a week once its in full bloom without rain to enjoy its existence. And sadly after they will float off the trees. Something that makes it more appreciated, which is the very nature of life and what we should feel about it, right?

For us, it was pure joy when we had our vey first experience to appreciate its beauty even we have it just a few. I couldn't thank more our hostess, Lani, who spent very generous time with us touring around Taipei and chasing cherry blossoms!

Imagine what some trees with tiny beautiful pink flowers can do and what we can during our time here on earth. Time must be spent well by doing those things that will make you proud of yourself, don't you think? 

Here's where we had a great view of Cherry Blossoms blooming around Taipei as early as February. These places can be accessed thru public transport.
3.  Maokong Gondola Station 

Wow! We're just wowed by its simple beauty. You know what I'm thinking at this moment? I want to see all of the trees in this park to show off its glorious blooms. I’m planning to return for more oo-ing and aa-ing! It's more than just a pretty sight but it's symbolic, too. It’s exact science of appearance, while the weather can ruin its pretty existence in just a snap, adds to the excitement and challenge of planning that trip. 

Such a moment made me pause and think about how in real life would we let life be ruined by the weather? Well, I do hope we all know when to use the umbrella and how to dance in the rain. 

Let's live well! I've shared how to do it this year with my humble suggestions here.

Do you have cherry blossom experience? What are your thoughts about it?


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  1. I have never seen cherry blossoms up-close and I guess this beauty will be worth all the trouble one had to go through just to see them in person. I was never aware that they also grow in Taipei, they are truly quite a sight to behold. How I long to see them one day soon.

  2. I love your coat and sunnies! Do you mind sharing where you got them from? I would love to buy one for me. :)

    1. Hi Bernadette! I got it from H&M a few seasons back. Sunnies from IG - vogueshoppe. :)

  3. I'm obsessed with Cherry blossoms trees and I've seen them already in Paris, but in Taipei, I hadn't the chance to travel that far. Your photos are amazing and I can't wait to be able to set a foot on your soil and see them IRL!

    1. I love to see it in Paris, too! :)

  4. an interesting post about love, travel and mutual understanding, I like how you write, good luck to you


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