Food Trip: Bookmark These Places When in Laiya and Tagaytay

Whenever you have that impulse to escape Manila real quick, you tend to drive some place near the beach or at the very least over...

Whenever you have that impulse to escape Manila real quick, you tend to drive some place near the beach or at the very least overlooking to scenic views. The nearest drive from the city that will give you that euphoria or just the chill you urgently need is Laiya and Tagaytay. Okay, maybe Laiya is relatively far fetched but I know that this is still the closest beach from Manila with white sands and sprouting new resorts and dining places to appease your rush. 

#Instatrip! Where to go? I'm up to give you that spontaneous-living, no-brainer planning but CERTIFIED TASTEFUL kind of trip. I wouldn't give too much options that you won't actually need, so I've shortlisted just a few for you. Here's some of my favourite food trips and a little bit more which are tested by yours truly and fully enjoyed. 

1. Charito by Bag of Beans

It's the upscale version of the original branch of Bag of Beans in Mendez Crossing along Tagaytay City. Charito is the recently opened branch along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika road in Tagaytay. It exudes the French-style semi-fine dining ambiance that will delight anybody whose looking for elegance and first class design. 

Plus it’s overlooking to this view!


2.  Pamana

If you're looking for casual Filipino dishes but perfected to fine dining style, Pamana restaurant along Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway is the one for you. Think of Spicy Tawilis, Crispy Pata, Tyan ng Bangus Sisig, Kare-kare and all your childhood sweet memories of Pinoy delicacy that you've only tasted whenever there's a big occasion to celebrate at home - they have them all.

I could almost go on and on coz there's nothing on their menu that my mouth would not water just the thought of it. Tasty and the ambiance of their branch in Tagaytay is truly Pinoy but modern and fine dining setup.


Playa Laiya in San Juan, Batangas is one impressive place to check when in Laiya. It is a private beach club so you better get in touch with their concierge first before you can access the best sands and sea of Laiya. Last time we got here, my little one stayed much on the pool for the day and then the beach before sunset. 
When in Laiya, you'll have the Boracay feels since most of its resorts are now offering fun and exciting water sports activities. Those amenities plus the convenience of changing your mind too often, will spare you the stress of not planning ahead (say, like a year ahead which is almost like planning your own wedding! Huh!) 

Another tip I can give you, make the most of the sun set. It's a pity if you won't have a signature sunset photo at the beach for your #instatrip, right? Well, we had this lovely golden sky for ourselves just recently!

At the Playa Laiya's Beach Clubhouse, we had sumptuous dinner plus some live performance because we're lucky enough to have chanced on their Acoustic Night-themed buffet dinner care of Brother Chef's.

San Juan's Laiya is truly alive during summers and by that I mean, all throughout the year! Well, welcome to the tropics if you're still not aware of the Philippine weather.


4.  Bangihan sa Laiya

The visit to Laiya won't be complete without sampling another personal favourite. I checked the newest and hip dining place in Laiya which is Bangihan sa Laiya (Grill Place in Laiya). Now you can relax because its casual vibe is good for everybody - groupies of friends, families, occasions like reunions with former classmates, birthday parties, date of couples and just anybody who's looking for all-time favorite Filipino dishes at a casual or alfresco dining setup. 

What I couldn't forget is their pansit. Lol. It's one of the best pansit in town. I'm not kidding! The mains, especially the grilled ones are in sulit price - best serving size that's good for 2-4 persons so its a good value for your money. 

Look! Take your pick!


From San Juan town proper going to Laiya beach, Bangihan sa Laiya is on the right side of the road just before you reach Landco's Playa Laiya Beach Club.

And these are a few of my recharging destinations and favourite dining places at South. I have more on my book. Watch out for more!


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  1. Any travel adventure should include food tripping. I haven't been to Laiya yet. I have been to Tagaytay but haven't tried your suggestions. On the whim or spur of the moment trips are sometimes the best.


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