Taipei Getaway: Temple Run and Xiandian

On our first morning in Taipei, we stroll along Ximen road to get familiar with landmarks near our place and how we can access the closes...

On our first morning in Taipei, we stroll along Ximen road to get familiar with landmarks near our place and how we can access the closest train and bus station from our hotel in Ximen. We have a Temple running to do and Xiandian river exploration.

After awhile, we were seated on a local cafe along Ximen road and had quick bite of ham and egg sandwich, gobbled easily with milk tea. It was my official first proper meal from Taiwan and I enjoyed it over chatting for updates with Lani, reminiscing our yesteryears.

Hubby and I along Ximen road and before accessing the MRT Ximen station

I find getting around the city real easy, not much rush unlike the buzz of Tokyo, Hongkong and Singapore. People in Taipei are friendly. In public transports you can see how disciplined they are and they stick to following rules like not using the elevators or not occupying certain seats to give way for the pregnant and elderlies.     

Travel Tip #1: 
To move around the city thru public transport such as train and busses, use Easy Card. You'll get discounts versus travel passes.

Xiandian River is the farthest from the brown line of their MRT. We're early coz there's not much tourists yet when we got there. It's a escape from those more crowded places of the city and I find it a perfect first destination for our city tour.

And here we go. Lani and I poses for the bridge over Xiandian River. 

Afloat on the river banks are foot-paddled boats for rent, if you'd like to try city sightseeing along the river. What I've noticed is how well preserved this river is considering that there are lots of habitants around the area. 

Buildings of offices, residential and commercial spaces and a market even surrounds the river. The area are always with tourists, bikers and locals strolling along the river and they have not contaminated this body of water which is the city's source of drinking water. Amazing, right?

I wonder how we could have done just the same for our Pasig River. *sigh

On our next destination, we followed the brown line up to Chiang Kai Shek then a bus to Xingtian temple. 

Travel Tip #2: 
When using Easy Card on the bus, you'll only pay half the regular fare. Cool savings, right?

One of the most popular temples in Taipei is Xingtian Temple. The population of visitors sometimes exceeds 20,000 people a day! The temple advocates in building harmonic society from the philosophies of Confucian and Buddhist.

The temple is relatively new, being built only in 1967.  They say that it's devoted to Guan, a deified General who lived during The Three Kingdoms period. He valued loyalty and righteousness above all things and he is good in managing finances. Hence, he was worshipped as God of war and a patron saint for businessmen.

Inside the temple, people are lined up to worship in the altar and before they enter, there are temple people who assisted them before praying for the help and divine guidance they need.  

It's said that the total area occupies around 7,000 square meters. It's popularity made it more famous to visitors with its underpass avenue. The underpass avenue is known as the "Fortunetelling Street". We have not seen it but we're getting hungry and have to fix the tummy before we headed to our next destination.

Travel Tip #3: 
What I wore on a 9 deg C weather are two under layers of HeatTech Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt from Uniqlo, topped with sleeveless black top from Cotton On and my outer coat is from H&M.  Heat Tech have heat retention and heat generation, giving your body warmth but in a light weight material hence easy to pack and layer on. Black pants  and scarf from Bazaar, shades from IG shop and Neverfull bag from LV.

Stay tuned for more of Taipei!

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