Foodie Pick: Brick Burger

This is a chatty hello. I know I've said I'm taking my weekend slow but the bedroom is asking for some attention - it says clean m...

This is a chatty hello. I know I've said I'm taking my weekend slow but the bedroom is asking for some attention - it says clean me. And I have to cook something for later coz I thought I want to try that recipe I recently learned from someone. It looks like it's easy to do, so I'm giving my kitchen skills some spin. My supportive team - hubs and son, will surely love it. 

Uh, not too sure about that but that's TEAMWORK. Haha! 

When I try to cook, it's very methodical. That's what you have to do when you're not too good at it. But I taste food too well and know damn well at the very first bite if I'm going to make one for myself in my most inspired mood or for restaurant food, I'll bookmark and visit again when opportunity arises.

That brings me to my new find along the tree lined C. Raymundo Avenue in Pasig City. It's not customary and honestly, not my choice because I let the little one pick a dining place for us one afternoon after a Sunday mass near the area.

So, are you in for a slight change on your buns to munch? 

Brick Burger is a first and only one in the country. It's a casual dining place, with few seating capacities but has more than just a fast food chain ambiance. It's like a little cafe by the corner, unexpectedly pop and hip but certified Lego-themed restaurant. I just googled it after and learned that it's not affiliated with the company, but in fairness to Lego they recognise its existence.


I didn't realize that it's one unique concept restaurant in town because the building where it's housed is another new shopping center along that area. When I tasted the burger, I liked it that I thought it's been existing a long while now and with branches somewhere else, too. 

There are 10 burgers to choose from - Emmet, their regular hamburger; Cheese Slope - cheeseburger with lettuce and tomato; Benny - cheeseburger topped with egg; Cheesy Mac - cheese burger topped with mac and cheese and bacon bits; Nacho Tuesday - burger with nachos; Wild Style - spicy burger with onion rings; Darth Burger - caramelized onion, mushroom, bacon, sour cream and BBQ sauce; Double Decker - double pattie cheeseburger with ham, lettuce and tomato; Hulk Buster - double pattie cheeseburger with strips of bacon, cheese sauce; and Lord Business - triple pattie cheeseburger, bacon, veggies, cheese sauce.

It's obvious - they're serious about their burger business and the owner is a big fan of the toy giant company!

Lego brick design is all over the interior, as well as the brick toy set itself for the diners which my boy surely waited for that's why he picked the resto.  

All the buns are shaped like the toy in different colors. At first, I thought if it's edible at all. A little new programming on my digestive intelligence, I had my first bite and yeah it's good! It’s fluffy and taste like any soft bread. The burger is perfectly peppered, tender and very juicy. Yummy and heavy!

Price ranges from Php 160 - 450 (based on our visit last February).

Thanks to my boy who introduced us to this new restaurant. I guess, it was from a recommendation from his friend in school or something.


C. Raymundo Avenue
2/F Hampton Gardens Arcade
Pasig, Metro Manila

Get directions

P.S. They serve pastas and a few other heavy meals, too.

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  1. This is a very cool place! I love their concept! It brings out the child within me. It's good to know that even if it's shaped like a lego, it tasted good too. If I passed by Pasig, I'd give this place a try too.

    1. Enjoy the food! It's a good place. :)

  2. Wow! This is such a creative theme! My brother will definitely enjoy this place and yes, even me! I'm not even sure if I can eat that cute buns! Seriously I am now searching how to get here haha... Do you know the way if I am coming from South?

    1. Thanks! The shortest way to get to the place from South is via C-5 road, then exit to Pasig. Pasig exit is just right after the arch with Thank You for visiting Makati (or something) and crossing the bridge. It will be an easy drive from exit using the link from this post (except for the city traffic). :) Enjoy!

  3. brick burger looks to be lego inspired! I love how they go and "be the box" so as to get "out of the box" hahaha! These look awesome and I'm sure my kiddos will definitely be intrigued by them. I am so going here with my family soon :D

    1. Kids will surely love it. Enjoy your first lego burger! :)


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