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Konnichiwa! I have all the pleasant memories of my Japan trip with my friends late last year. But somehow, I feel bitin and would...


I have all the pleasant memories of my Japan trip with my friends late last year. But somehow, I feel bitin and would really love to do a repeat.

My barkada of the longest time made another epic group getaway trying to catch sight of the iconic peak of Mt. Fuji, satisfied our palete with authentic Ramen, tokoyaki and sushis plus forgetting how challenging it is to do theme parks and enjoy it with our kiddos anyway we can.

By the way, I felt like giggling when I sound like a millennial with that barkada and epic words. Lol.

When I learned recently of a promotion from one of my online go-to resource travel agency that they're having Konnichi-WOW promo, I got very excited. And would like to share it here with you.

Konnichi-WOW is TravelBook.ph's promo that gives three lucky winners a round trip plane tickets, free hotel accommodation, and pocket money. The winner has the option to bring one companion to his trip. 

TravelBook.ph is the leading online travel agency in the Philippines. It is one of the biggest online travel e-commerce company dedicated to offering great value hotel bookings and with a varied selection of Philippine hotels.  

Recently they announced on their official Facebook page their first Konnichi-WOW promo winner. Erwin Sarmiento from Quezon City who's set to have an all-expenses paid trip to Japan. Lucky him!

The Konnichi-WOW raffle draw was held last April 11, 2017 with the supervision of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Representative Rhoda Sevillino and Travelbook.ph Business Planning and Market Strategy Officer Mary Angeli Pasquin.

Sarmiento is the first of the three winners of TravelBook.ph’s Konnichi-WOW promo. The said promo was launched last March 10 in celebration of the company’s fourth anniversary and continues until May 31, 2017. Two more winners will be announced on May and June 2017 respectively. 

The next winners can be anyone of us! 

If you're interested to join the next raffle draw, simply use their TravelBook.ph website or the TravelBook.ph mobile app available in Android and iOS in booking your next hotel accommodation.

TravelBook.ph offers the best priced guarantee with attractive discounts for hotels and resorts in Baguio, Batangas, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Laguna, Metro Manila, Palawan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Zambales, and more. 

It's like all the cool local destinations to choose from! Actually, a total of 3,200 affordable hotels are currently listed in Travelbook.ph.

For more details about the promo, read the full mechanics here.  
Or contact them for more details:

Mary Angeli Pasquin

Start booking now through here and win a free trip to Japan!



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