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It's been awhile since I blogged about my personal travels. It's already June and so much have happened that I just let you in ...

It's been awhile since I blogged about my personal travels. It's already June and so much have happened that I just let you in to my destinations on Instagram (@wishingbelle). My hotel picks and travel inspirations are also buried in between food picks and random life shots there. I hope I'm not boring you. 

So, now I owe you one hotel destination, at the famous Vigan in Ilocos Sur, some 405 km North of Manila - Hotel Luna. 

My sister's family and mine had a visit to Vigan for a once in a blue moon family getaway. Although we're almost neighbors, we seldom do that and my nieces and nephews are all so grown up now that some of them are living abroad. When Zab (my nephew) had a vacation finally, we had a reason to visit Vigan and a quick hotel pick I've chanced was on Hotel Luna. (By quick, I meant that I booked it in less than 4 days before our intended stay).

To travelers like me, Vigan was just about 7-8 hours drive away from home and a new place to see. And Hotel Luna is a temporary home to stay even for just the weekends. 

When I feel like getting away with family, the first of my considerations in booking a hotel is a comfortable accommodation, a decent bathroom and a recreational area if in case there's unforeseen forces that will keep ourselves indoors the whole time we're in a new place. Or maybe, I am that type of traveler who would always squeeze in a chillaxing time indoors and really stayed in just to feel and enjoy the hotel amenities and services. 

Hotel Luna surprisingly is one excellent find that we had. 


The main lobby is too nice with all the refined Spanish-era architecture, accentuated with luxe chandeliers and warm lights to set a whole new drama of history that once have transcend to this spot. I felt like wearing a terno and make beso-beso with my amigas at the handsome comidor. Lol.

We instantly love the vibes! 

Happy, alive, even with dark interiors of bricks and wooden furnitures. Very far from modern, cosmopolitan feel, the hotel ooze with warm welcome and homey appeal as the intricately carved wooden door with iron gate was  opened to us by hotel boy in a colonial soldier uniform. 

Hotel Luna is also the one and only museum hotel in the Philippines and delegates of Miss Universe 2016 stayed there during the tour to Philippine provinces of the contestants earlier this year. 

When I picked this hotel, I wasn't aware of that trivia. I felt like mentioning it now because I'm really impressed with this property located strategically at the heart of Vigan, a well-preserved World heritage town in Asia. 


Much to our delight, the room is big and so is its bathroom, which the toilet is equipped with Japanese technology that is way above my expectations. I think I did a thrilled high-pitch OMG to show my happiness for finding a comfortable and luxury hotel like this one, without the tag price. If you'd like to know the hotel rate, check it here.
As if there's something else the hotel wanted to show off, the lobby of their annex has a clean smelling scent of a fabric conditioner which adds to its appeal. I really love this hotel. 

These are just first impressions. Because there is more to enjoy with it even it's just a quiant old building with a facade of an Ilustrado mansion somewhere along the cobblestone street of Vigan. 


You may have asked what more? Well, their breakfast buffet is good and sufficient. If you are checked in at the Annex building which is we're we stayed, you can upgrade your complimentary breakfast buffet with a Php 150 per person additional fee and go crazy on main building's breakfast buffet of Ilocano's dishes mixed into Continental choices with a wide array of local and international desserts to choose from. And that's just breakfast. 


The hotel has a pool where you can dip for a relaxing afternoon which is of course a bonus considering how unlikely to find in the midst of the overall theme of this city. But, Hotel Luna have thought it well and designed their pool just as how it would totally fit in with their Colonial architecture. For that, I couldn't praise more of its management and designer. 

In connection with it's management, it's a coincidence that I've just visited one of it's flagship hotels under the same wing of best hotels in the world - the Vitallis Vita which I've shared from a different post

And that's Hotel Luna for you. If you happened to be in Vigan and looking for same things as I do, this hotel provides more than a very good sleep indeed. 

I hope this post is helpful for you. Tell me, what are your considerations in booking a hotel? 

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  1. Ang saya! This looks really sophisticated. I love the ambiance and the interiors! :)


  2. Wow! Super ganda ng interiors! Plus the facilities and the buffet are promising. The last time I went to Ilocos was in 2010. I got to visit this soon!

  3. the hotel is very clean, the staff is attentive and polite, the main thing is a play area for children


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