Life Lately: I'm Supposed to be Still Sleeping

It's my day-off from office work and I'm supposed to be still lying down in bed but my morning started early. As usual.     ...

It's my day-off from office work and I'm supposed to be still lying down in bed but my morning started early. As usual.
  • I had to prepare breakfast for my little man, the dogs and for me. Hubs have work.  The nanny is on leave for the longest time. How privileged! *gasp
  • I prepared our lunch right after breakfast. 
  • Read some blogs of my favorite bloggers and connect with some.
  • Read emails and replied to some. I have to clean my inbox but the mails are tons. I've got several schedules and invitations that need some planning to attend to. 
  • Spend a little time on social media accounts. Oh, that phone and windows of information around me! That reminds me to call family and friends from every corner of the world.
  • Set to sort and clean my closet. When I open it, everything seems popping out on its own. At the very back of my mind, there's a push and 'I can do this!' cheer. Well, I NEED to do this. NOW. Procrastinating made all those pile of clothes looks cluttered and impossible such a hard team to beat.
  • Plans - I have few to revisit and made a doable breakdown of details.

I don't think it's a day off given a full day of little things to do. Yes, even on the confines of our homes, we tend to overwork and still hustle.

Why is this time too different from those who've been on this road before? Our stay at home moms before, do they do a lot, too? Maybe, it's the tons of stimulation nowadays that has led us to this new lifestyle.

We take it all in. We adapt. We try to stretch our time some more.

When we really HAVE TIME for ourselves, we indulge to best relaxation we can afford.

  • On the table, my favorite boy told me - "Hmmm, ang bango. Malambot ang pork chop, Mommy. Masarap, ah!" 

Ayos talaga mag-feedback tong batang 'to! LOL. That one is gratifying!

I'm reminded of all small talks and simple things. It's satisfying, light and truly home. 

In this time of overwhelming amount of information we all take in for our lives to become better, it's the discipline, determination and positive attitude that will help us meet challenges. 

I've got an interesting recommendation, I hope to have this book called Make Your Own Bed by William McRaven. In the quietude of my afternoon, if I can find time to do just that, I'll read it. Looks apt and meaningful and share the lessons with my favorite boy. 

Live well,

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