Long Weekend Alert: List of Perfect Destinations

It's almost weekend! With the temperature in Manila incredibly soaring close to 40 deg C even in June, a new place to spend the lo...

It's almost weekend!

With the temperature in Manila incredibly soaring close to 40 deg C even in June, a new place to spend the long weekend where you could cool down is a good idea. It's kind of dehydrating and air seems dry on the inside even the sun is ready to get you on the outside.

Nowadays, options are limited to let your AC on 24 hours a day and get super shocking electric bills or bet on natural breeze and a change of scenery to let you enjoy some time off from your work.

So, let me share what you can explore during the long weekend. 

Click any of these destinations and find very affordable accommodations with TravelBook.ph. And that's no BS-recommendation coz I've checked and compared it with other's deals.


One of the best destinations, call someone and go to Palawan!


Want some captivating sights and attractions? Siguradong there's something for you here in Cebu!


How about you say Hi! Hello! to Ilo-ilo!


Wanna see Anawangin or Capones Island? Kung gustong umalis, tara na sa Zambales!


Kung gusto walang sablay, dito na sa Tagaytay!


Unwind from the daily grind. Mindo-row your way to the islands of Mindoro!


Baguio? Bet na bet ang Benguet!

Now that you have the list, there's more I want to share. 

Recently, problems with online payment with credit cards or pre-payment thru banks have become time consuming and inconvenient. No worries.

TravelBook.ph exclusively offers Pay-At-Hotel, No Credit Card Needed, an innovative payment method that allows travelers to secure a room in advance without having to provide credit card details or make initial deposits to banks or payment centers.

Yes, you've read it right!

Since its launch last May 2016, thousands of Filipino travelers have been able to skip initial transactions and upfront payments in favor of just paying on the day of their check-in. Another good idea from TravelBook.ph which you can't find from other online travel agencies.

So, with best value offer and traveling made easier for you right from the very beginning, I'll have to give a fair warning though. Lots of long white sand beaches with coconut palm trees and crystal clear water can beat the heat and boredom but with a little side effect. It will make you want to extend your vacation.

What are you waiting for? Click on any of the above destinations and go to your freedom and best vacay ever! Even for just 3 days. 

Happy long weekend, y'all!

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